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From: Anne Lamb< >
Date: 11 Jul 1998 08:58:13 -0700

Susie Warren asked:
>Does anyone have access to the Prendergast book "Cromwellian
>Settlement in Ireland" - 2nd edition published in Dublin, 1922 by ?
>Thank you

I wanted a copy and my InterLibrary Loan department of my local library
found it for me at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington . Of
course, this won't help you, since you are in Australia, BUT, I really
liked that book (it's huge, full of great maps and lists) and was
delighted to learn that it has been reprinted and is available for quite
a reasonable price through (1st edition was published in
about 1865).

Speaking of, I was in Ireland the week of the great election,
so naturally I had to bring home a copy of the Sunday paper with YES! in
huge letters on it, and inside was an interesting article/opinion piece
commenting that even books published in Ireland are actually cheaper via, even including postage from the US, than they are in local
bookshops. A caution, it is possible that the big maps that are bound
into the 1922 edition (they folded out and were in quite fragile
condition) may not have made their way into the reprint, in which case
you might want to try to locate an old copy just to copy the maps. Or
possibly they may have reduced them and they will be more readable if you
enlarge them so you can read all those names on them.
Comments, anyone who has the new edition?

Anne Lamb

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