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From: <>
Subject: Re: Death of Children
Date: 12 Jul 1998 16:20:56 -0700

Thank you Janet,

As I hit the "send" button thoughts of what you just stated went through
my mind, but the message had been sent, I had wanted to add a p.s., so
if you don't mind, I will just borrow yours? Do not want to open any
discussion, just wanted to let those in Ireland know that they are
thought of and prayed for during this most difficult time.

Go raibh maith agat, Janet.

Siochain, Dia Duit (Peace, God Bless)
Margaret (Mairead)

> I feel the same way. I hate to open up a thread like this, of discussing the
> troubles, because it too often degerates into name-calling and blame-finding.
> Yet I feel I must send my thoughts and prayers to all in N.I., and I call on
> all of us in this group NOT to add to the sum total of hatred in the world by
> taking sides, but simply to pray for healing and for an end--please in the
> name of the God both sides profess to serve. Enough. Enough!
> God bless Ireland,
> Janet

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