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From: Maire Black< >
Subject: Re: First name Brid?
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 08:23:21 +0100

<> wrote:

> A news article about the current unpleasantness in Armagh quoted an Assembly
> member named Brid Rogers. Thought it was short for Bridget until the article
> went on to say "he said." I never heard the name before. Is it short for
> something?

No. It's not short for anything. It is the Gaelic form of Bridget.
Another way (the way my aunt used) of spelling the English form is
Brigid. This is probably because the older Gaelic form is Brighid,
which is pronounced exactly the same as Brid (the 'gh' is silent). The
modern form is Brid with an acute accent on the 'i' and is a very common
name in Ireland - my sister's name in fact. It is pronounced Breej.

Maire Black

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