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From: Esther Mary Lyons< >
Subject: Re: Death of Children
Date: 13 Jul 1998 04:20:54 -0700

It is shocking and sad that those who profess to believe in God as a
loving father would murder three innocent children, the creation of the
same God whom they say they worship. I sincerely hope and pray that all
the violence in Ireland stops soon and that the people realise what it
is to be tolerant and caring in the name of the merciful God we all
worship. My synmpathy is with the family that lost the dear innocent
angels. God bless you,
Esther Lyons

> Since we are all extremely interested in the land of our ancestors and
> feel closely connected to Ireland, I hope no one will take offense at
> my discussion of this subject. Some may not be aware of the death
> of
> three small children in the north of Ireland last night. Their home
> was
> burned, as many other homes were also set ablaze last night. But these
> three children, ages 7, 9 and 10 were not fortunate as others who
> escaped burning houses last night. Many on this list live in Belfast
> and
> other areas near the troubled spots, I just want you to know that you
> are being thought of and remembered in my prayers and pray that you
> are
> all safe. My heart goes out to the family who lost three of their
> precious children. It angers me that three innocent children were
> killed because they happened to be a certain religion. CNN reported
> that a (won't mention the religion, because it is not a reflection on
> others in that religion, just that particular minister) minister said
> on a radio broadcast while referring to the protest going on in
> Drumcree, that God was on their side. I beg to differ with him. God
> is
> not on the side of murder, violence and hatred. Hopefully rational
> thinking and the conscience of people's souls will put an end to the
> violence. All the people of Ireland deserve to live in peace, without
> fear for their safety when they leave their home, and now also, sadly
> without fear that their home will be burned when they go to sleep at
> night in the shelter of their home.
> I couldn't just continue today with the list as if nothing had
> happened
> and felt compelled to let those living in the areas of crisis know
> that
> they are thought of and will remain in my families prayers. I also
> pray
> that these people of violence soon realize that they must live in
> peace
> with their neighbors, they are not only causing agony to their
> "supposed
> enemies" but the damage they are doing to their own loved ones is
> irreparable.
> Siochain, Dia Duit (Peace, God Bless)
> Margaret (Mairead)

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