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From: Jim McCaughan< >
Subject: Re: WARNING: complaint below
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 98 10:06:52 +1200

fava () wrote:
: To the DECENT people on GENIRE & GENBRIT lists, do not read below. This is
: my attempt to try & rectify a most unpleasant situation by trying to get to
: the List-Masters.

Much more deleted:

If you post to any Newsgroup anywhere you are liable to get these sort of
messages. The people who send these "Harvest" e-mail addresses from
newsgroups, or others will "harvest" them and sell millions of addresses on
CDs. The return addresses are often fake so it is very difficult for the lay
person to find where they came from. Complain to your ISP and try and get them
to do something about it. My ISP credits me with the cost of such e-mail and
takes steps to ensure that future mail from that site is blocked. So it can be

Addresses are also "Harvested" from Web sites.

You are not the only one by a very long way.

Jim McCaughan

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