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Subject: FAQ: soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland introduction
Date: 22 Jul 1998 19:40:34 -0700


FAQ: soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland introduction

version 1.0 December 7, 1997

Welcome to soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland, a forum for queries about
Irish ancestors. The purpose of the newsgroup
soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland and its linked mailing list
SURNAMES-IRELAND is to help genealogists contact others researching
the same families in Ireland. The group covers both Northern Ireland
and the Republic of Ireland. Queries from genealogists living in any
part of the world are welcome. Queries in English will probably have
the best chance of results, but may be written in any language.


1. Posting
2. Place codes
3. SURNAMES-IRELAND mailing list
4. Archives
5. To contact a human

1. Posting

All articles in soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland/SURNAMES-IRELAND are
archived and searchable through the World Wide Web. To make browsing
the newsgroup and searching the message archives easier, articles
posted to the group use subject lines that contain surname, place, and
dates in the standard format used for all the soc.genealogy.surnames.*
family of newsgroups. The subject lines serve as an index to the
archives. See FAQ: introduction to soc.genealogy.surnames.* and FAQ:
format for soc.genealogy.surnames.* for more details (posted monthly
and available at For example:

Subject: O'BRIEN James, Michael; Ballyragget, KIK,IRL; 1820-1900
Subject: DELZELL John / LEAHY Sarah; Dromara, DOW,NIR > IN,USA; 1750-1850

The body of the message can contain any additional text you desire,
and should give additional details about the family you're researching.

You can post to the group through your news software, or by mailing
your query to .

This is a moderated newsgroup. All articles posted to the group are
reviewed by the automoderator, a computer program, for correct subject

2. Place codes

The automoderator will post queries to soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland /
SURNAMES-IRELAND if they contain any of the following place codes:

IRL - Ireland NIR - Northern Ireland


ANT,NIR - Antrim ARM,NIR - Armagh
CAR,IRL - Carlow CAV,IRL - Cavan
CLA,IRL - Clare COR,IRL - Cork
DON,IRL - Donegal DOW,NIR - Down
DUB,IRL - Dublin FER,NIR - Fermanagh
GAL,IRL - Galway KER,IRL - Kerry
KID,IRL - Kildare KIK,IRL - Kilkenny
LDY,NIR - Derry / Londonderry LET,IRL - Leitrim
LEX,IRL - Leix / Queens / Laois / Laoighis LIM,IRL - Limerick
LOG,IRL - Longford LOU,IRL - Louth
MAY,IRL - Mayo MEA,IRL - Meath / Navan
MOG,IRL - Monaghan OFF,IRL - Kings / Offaly
ROS,IRL - Roscommon SLI,IRL - Sligo
TIP,IRL - Tipperary TYR,NIR - Tyrone
WAT,IRL - Waterford WEM,IRL - Westmeath
WEX,IRL - Wexford WIC,IRL - Wicklow


CNN,IRL - Connaught LEN,IRL - Leinster
MUN,IRL - Munster UGB,NIR / UIE,IRL - Ulster

Posts that include other place codes in addition to those listed above
will be crossposted to soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland and to other
relevant regional surnames groups. Messages that do not use these
place codes will be posted to the relevant other groups in the
soc.genealogy.surnames.* family.

The complete list of place codes is available on the web at:

3. SURNAMES-IRELAND mailing list

All queries can be read through the Usenet newsgroup
soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland using your favorite news reader software
(or by pointing your web browser to news:soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland).

You can read the same queries by subscribing to the gatewayed mailing list
SURNAMES-IRELAND. The main list is digest mode: subscribers receive
digests of about 20 messages each. The list is also available in index
mode (SURNAMES-IRELAND-I), where subscribers receive a daily list of
posts with directions for ordering the complete text of interesting
messages; and in mail mode (SURNAMES-IRELAND-M), where subscribers
receive each article as a separate message in e-mail. (Mail mode
may be limited to subscribers and sponsors of Rootsweb.)

To subscribe to the mailing list send e-mail to
containing just the line:


Be sure not to include any additional text or signature; the
Smartlist software is picky about anything but the commands it knows.

To subscribe in index mode, send your subscribe command to
; for mail mode use the address

To post to the list, you can send your queries by e-mail to the
automoderator at .
Sending your messages to the list address
will also work.

4. Archives

All articles in soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland are archived in the
central surnames archives at:

To search just queries about a family from County Clare, for example, select
Field: SUBJECT, and enter CLA,IRL as well as a surname in the "Term" box.

More recent articles can be found through dejanews:

5. To contact a human

The human moderators of the group can be reached at

FAQ by Bill Mills

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