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From: "Paul Gorry" <>
Subject: Re: Griffiths Valuation Query
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 22:07:38 -0800

GBHGEN wrote in message <>...
>It is not the LDS Householder Index, it is the National Library of
>Householder, or Surname Index, the LDS simply microfilmed it.

Thank you GBH,

I was going to say that! I'm not surprised Griffith's Valuation brought a
response from the man who's scrutinised that survey more closely than anyone
I know of! He's the one you should defer to in matters of Griffith's.

The original name of the index GBH refers to is "Index of Surnames". It was
compiled on behalf of the National Library of Ireland in the 1960s under the
direction of the late Ned Keane (an unsung hero of Irish genealogy). It was
a revolutionary research tool back then, as it opened up the Tithe
Applotment & Griffith's Valuation to research. In it the "T" (not the "T"
this whole discussion started with) refers to Tithe Applotment. The Index
of Surnames is still called that in Dublin. In Belfast & in North America
it's erroneously called the Householders' Index (erroneous in that only the
Griffith's end of it concerns householders). I don't know where the term
"Householders' Index" started, but it really bugs me. The Index of Surnames
may be cumbersome, etc., but I still use it (sometimes in conjunction with
the CD-ROM index; sometimes with the All-Ireland Heritage and the Andrew
Morris microfiche indexes). It gives you a better overview on the county

And Dennis is RIGHT. In the CD-ROM index (to which the initial query was
referring - format is recognisable) "T/ Gilford/ Bann St ." is the way they
represent references within towns. So all this entry is telling us is "Bann
Street in the town of Gilford".

Paul Gorry
What's What in Irish Genealogy

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