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From: "Padraig Breathnach" <>
Subject: Re: Niadh
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 01:29:30 GMT

Kathy Lott wrote:
>>From: "Padraig Breathnach"
>>Long "e", as in "tea". The "a" is not quite silent -- a little bit of it
>>hangs on to the end -- just a little bit.
>Oh, thank you for the pronunciation help. We (my entire family) have been
>pronouncing it like the French nee. Time for reform. I'm going to print
>out and show it around.
An addition: there is an island off the Galway coast named Inisnee. "Inis"
is Gaelic for "island". It seems possible to me that the "nee" part of the
name is a family name. A quick inspection of the telephone directory tells
me that there are many Nees on the coat of Connemara, about 35 miles west of
Galway city. Inisnee is there, beside Roundstone.

>>What a lot of ancestors! Most Martins are connected with Galway.
I see that there are different opinions avilable to you. The Martins are
known as one of the twelve tribes of Galway (sometimes known as "The City of
the Tribes"). They were the principal landowners in Connemara until the
middle of the last century, when debt forced the sale of their estates. They
owned Inisnee. They were of Anglo-Norman descent, but were Catholic and
identified strongly with the Gaelic tradition.

>Thanks for that info - that raises the possibility that Daniel Martin and
>Nee met in or about Galway.
>They were both RC - could it be that Martin was an anglicized version of an
>Irish name? That's just a shot in the dark on my part.
Missed! Originally Norman.

Happy hunting.


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