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Subject: Re: Soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 13:07:53 GMT

Pam Rothfield () wrote:

: Has anyone ever used this newsgroup? I seem to have a problem getting
: any articles from it whatsoever. Is it me or is there some magic spell
: one should know to access this group? : Pam

I haven't seen any postings to that NG in some time - as I remember,
when this NG (soc.genealogy.ireland) was split off from several years ago, the guidelines suggested that
general inquiries about SURNAMES be posted to the separate NG
soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland - the idea was that those inquiries,
while important, were of relatively little interest to those who were
persuing specific individuals or not inclined to respond (or read)
SURNAME (only) inquiries - over the years that practice has declined
and general SURNAME inquiries can be found lumped in here with the
"interesting' stuff <gg> Just Kidding!!

as with many 'unused' NG names this one has remained open but inactive -

maybe this will spur a movement to reactivate -
gee, we haven't had a good 'Turf War' in several years -

regards, SeanRuad~ *{:-) near Boston
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