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Subject: Re: My dilemma - Barnett
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 22:57:14 EDT

Regarding the search for a BARNETT from Cork - my own post from yesterday
referred to a Michael Barnett buried in Norwich CT in 1884 - I just came
across in my notes a further mention of him, from the city death records of
April 3, 1884 - Michael Barnett, age 58, son of "Bartholomew and Catherine."
The city directory for 1878 lists him as "laborer, High [St.] near Main
[St.], Greeneville, which was in those days a mill village with a
predominantly Irish emigrant population, ranging from (mostly) non-skilled
labor to tradesmen.
As to the BOWEN surname of his wife, I checked MacLysaght, who gives it as
"usually of Welsh origin (Ap Owen) as is the well-known family of
Bowenscourt, Co. Cork, which was Cromwellian ..." I also noticed that
MacLysaght cites Barnett only in a list of English and Scottish names common
in Ulster. I also checked Matheson's lists of surnames with 1890 births in
Ireland - only 2 Barnetts in "Munster" - which would include Cork, with 9 for
Ulster, out of a total of 15 for that year.
I don't want to contradict Kerry Kate over Palatine surnames (since I have no
particular knowledge), but ONLY as to the Norwich family in question - -
Whatever their origin several hundred years before - and I knew a few
Barnetts and Bowens growing up in Greeneville, Norwich, Connecticut - no one
saw anything in their names that was not as "Irish" as any others we knew -
(not that any of us knew the etymology of our surnames!)
Paul Keroack

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