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From: (cecilia)
Subject: Re: Abbreviation "Jno."
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 11:27:15 GMT
References: <tNpwf.4248$>

"John Malone" wrote:
>Can anyone tell me what name the abbreviation "Jno." stands for?
>[...] a man whose name appears as "Jno" or "Jnt" or "Jny"
> in the Kildare parish baptisimal record entries for
>his various children. Yet according to records in the IGI
>data for his daughters' marriages, his name was Jeremiah. How could Jno be
>short for Jeremiah??

(You may be dealing with transcription errors.)

Jno. is John.

See for examples of
abbreviations for (among others) John and Jonathan (nothing for

See also

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