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From: "James A. Doemer" <>
Subject: Re: Win a trip to Cork, Ireland!
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 12:00:42 GMT
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>>>> I have never been to Ireland but after living next door to a lady
>>>> from Belfast I am not surprised - she is the worst cook I have ever
>>>> met in my life!! I used to shudder everytime she brought in some of
>>>> her "home cooked meals" -
>>> There are bad cooks in every country. And most peoples idea of good
>>> food seems to involve factories doing most of the work these days.
>> A lot also depends on what foods you grew up with. My grandmother
>> was from the Southern U.S., as a result we grew up on Southern
>> dishes, most of which I had to give up. Lots of artery clogging
>> going on in those meals. So you may not like cooking from other
>> parts of the world.
> I travel all over the world and have lived in many countries, in
> general I am easy going about trying other cuisines and have eaten a
> lot of stuff that most people would not even think about, especially
> in the far and middle east. Fresh, non mass produced food is
> available in most countries and is pretty much always edible and in
> some cases delicious but the point remains that there are bad cooks
> in every country. Here the main faults in cooking are to me that most
> fresh veg is badly over cooked and that everybody uses far too much
> salt in cooking.

I rarely use much salt, if any, when I cook. I figure that if it is setting
at the table, then the diner can salt his/her meal to taste. I've never
much cared for salt or pepper. I have travelled extensively as well, and
have tried many other foods, but I don't generally gravitate toward exotic
or very spicy foods.

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