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From: Dennis Ahern <>
Subject: Re: Excerpts from Irish newspapers
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 11:56:24 +0000 (UTC)

>From The Irish Times, 30 August 1915 --

Killed in the Dardanelles.
Efforts To Meet His Father At The Front.

News of the death of Drummer Rodney Ahern, of the Royal
Dublin Fusiliers, at the Dardanelles, has been heard with much
regret by many people in the Newbridge and Naas districts.
Drummer Ahern, who was twenty years of age, was wounded in
action in June, and was removed to hispital at Port Said. On
recovering, he was again sent into the fighting line. He was again
wounded, and his mother, who lives at Newbridge, has been
informed of his death. At the outbreak of the war, Ahern's father
rejoined his old regiment, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, and was
afterwards sent to the Dardanelles. Father and son never met,
and in his letters to his mother, young Ahern expresses his hope
that he will meet his father. Continuing on June 25th from the
hospital in Port Said, he says :-- I have escaped very lucky, as I
think I am one of the last of the old 1st Battalion to leave the
trenches. It has been terrible the cutting up that battalion has got.
I think it is very nearly time that they gave us a rest. There is no
rest or playing football same as there is on the other side. I
should like to know if my father is on his way out, as I have not
heard from him.

In a further letter to his mother from the Dardanelles he says :-- I
am very sorry that I missed my father at Alexandria Docks onthe
night that I lewft Alexandria to rejoin my unit. My father went up
to the Divisional Base to see me. I did not know that the
regiment (Dublins) was there at the time, or I should have gone
down that morning and seen him. I believe they are here now,
but have not heard from him or seen him. I can't go myself and
inquire for him at present, as we are ion the trenches, but I would
wish to see him, and I hope it will be soon. Most probably he
shall come up to me some day, as we can't leave the trenches. I
wish we were relieved, and we would not be long finding him.
No matter, I hope we will have some luck, and meet soon.

In a letter dated 4th August he says :-- I have not seen my father
since he came to the front. He and they are supposed to be here
nearly two weeks, but they might have gone to a different place
altogether, some seven miles from where we are. I have sent a
couple of postcards to my father, and let us hope he is safe; but
no one is safe, no matter where you go.

Drummer Ahern was killed before he succeeded in meeting with
his father.

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