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From: Brian Mavrogeorge <>
Subject: Re: Dealing with Name Changes
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 08:24:55 -0800

> If someone has the answer to this question, please enlighten me. I am
> wondering how to record the name of people who have undergone a name
> change.

I have the same situtation working with Greek genealogies. In one case
a person was christened with a Greek name, known as a child by a quite
different English name, and changed his name to yet a third unique name.

I use as "the" name, the name used on the birth certificate. Then I show
the others as aka or common name. In the index to the genealogy I have
an entry under both "the" name and the common name.

So Alexander Mavrogeorge is listed as Alexander Mavrogeorge.
His son Timoleon Mavrogeorge is listed as Timoleon Mavrogeorge with a
name of Leo Blacke.
His children are listed with the surname of Blacke.

IMHO a good approach is whatever name is chosen as "the" name, to gives
of information in the text about other names used and add those
alternate entries
to the index.
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