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From: Barbara Mayo-Wells <>
Subject: Numbering system?
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 21:48:24 -0700

I'd appreciate suggestions on a system for numbering the small but
complicated family tree that I've been amassing for a few years.

There are 6 generations (gg grandparents thru my children). The
starting point is my maternal grandmother -- going back to as many
of her ancestors as I can find in the US; haven't explored the
German and Swiss connections yet.

She had lots of cousins, who had spouses and children.

Her children (my parents' generation) married, & I have information
on the spouses' parents and siblings -- plus the the same
information for members of my generation and my children's

I'm looking for a numbering system that will make it clear at a
glance which generation a person belongs to, plus which family line.
Does such a thing exist?

Grateful for all suggestions! Thanks in advance.


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