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From: "Dorothy M. Paul" <>
Subject: Re: Bastard is not a derogation & ODD relatives...
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 12:22:02 -0500

As this thread is getting back to genealogy, I thought that I would mention
my most interesting illegitimate ancestor. (this is from memory & I don't
have the story documentation in front of me.... but I do have pedigree chart
with dates)

John ODSBOY, b. 1728 in Limpsfield, Surrey, England got his name as he was
found out side the White Hart in Limpsfield in a hay stack (such a colorful
story ;)) and he was raised by the inn keeper as the "odd boy around the
farm." The inn keeper had him baptized & when John was twenty-five (1753)
he married Sarah Davis at the Shoreham Deanery by special license! John
lived to the ripe old age of 69 years, dying & was ,buried in 1797 in
Limpsfield. They had eight children that grew into adults. The family name
was changed the next generation to be just ODD. I am his 5th great-grand
daughter -- my grandmother was Margaret Edna ODD, and he had over 160
descendants. Charles ODD b. 10 Nov 1825 at Westerham, Kent & married in
Croydon, Surrey emigrated to the US with his family -- my great-grandfather,
William Francis ODD was born 26 Jan 1868 in Croydon & came to the US as a
child. One the ODD family was the famous cricket bat maker of Croydon.
John did quite well for a boy starting out the way that he did.

I have always wondered about his "birth parents" and it is fun making up
stories about his "real" parents. The Inn Keeper took particular interest
in the boy.... but it seems to me he was probably the love child of the
local Earl or Duke.... ;)

At 09:10 AM 9/2/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Right, bastard is a descriptive term obviously not defining character,
>etc. No reason to be defensive.
>Anyone who reads English censuses and other older documents knows it was
>used as a surname.

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