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From: "Cherryl A Ball" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 08:26:56 -0600

Hi. I have just begun my research. You can tell that someone gave me the
BALL line so that was a great beginning. Now I am trying to find more
information about my other lines except for my maternal side which my
mother is doing. So you would think that my task would be small...just my
paternal grandmother's line. Not so, most of the information that I come
across is older that the dates I am trying to research. So I am missing a
generation or two in the flow prior to my ggrandparents. Any help on the
lines in bold lettering would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance for
your time. Cherryl Ball


Wilbur Fiske Jr.12, Wilbur Fiske11, Francis Herbert10, Wilbur Fiske9,
James Bradley8, James7, James6, James5, John4, John3, John2, William1

John BALL (-) & Agnes HATHOWAY (-)

John BALL (1548-1628) & Elizabeth WEBB (1549-)

William BALL1 (-) & Alice WALTHAM (-)

John BALL2 (1585-1655) & Joanna KING dau. of William & Mary KING

John Ball3 (1620-1676) & Elizabeth PIERCE (1624-1665) dau. of John &
Elizabeth of Watertown, MA
John BALL & Elizabeth FOX dau. of Thomas FOX of Concord

John BALL (1644-1729) & Sarah BULLARD (1644-1722) dau. of George & Beatrice

James BALL (1670-1729) & Elizabeth FISKE (1667-1740) dau. of Nathan &

James BALL (1694-1756) & Sarah HARRINGTON (1703-1795) dau. of John & Hannah

James BALL (1729-1784) & Dinah FAY of Westboro, MA
All that I know about Dinah FAY is that she was from Westboro.

James BALL (1754-1834) & Abigail STARR dau. of Comfort & Judith (COOPER)

James Bradley BALL (1781-1863) & Rhoda PALMER (1784-1846)
Does anyone know Rhoda$B!G(Bs parentage? I know that she was born in
Deerfield, MA and died in Newark, VT. They were married in 1808. Their
children were: James Bradley b. 1810, Wilbur Fiske, Rhoda m. Madison Doyle,
Island Pond, VT, and Lucius. Though this record and that of other children
is unclear.

Wilbur Fiske BALL (1822-1893) & Hannah BEAN(1826-1910) dau. of Andrew BEAN
of Sandwich, NH
My data on Andrew makes him a descendent of John Bean of Exeter as
Andrew8, Andrew7, Andrew6, Josiah5, David4, John3, Daniel2, John1
Any information on Andrew8 would be appreciated.

Francis Herbert BALL (1866-1938) & Annie W. MUNSEY (-)
Any information on Annie MUNSEY would be appreciated. I know that
they had 3 children: Lydia Hannah b. 7-21-1891, Wilbur Fiske b. 8-29-1894
and Herbert Francis b. 8-27-1900. Francis was born in Lancaster, NH and
his sister that was born after him was born in Maidstone, VT.

Wilbur Fiske BALL (1894-1958) & Beatrice Emma GEORGE (1895-1989) dau. of
I am very interested in pursuing the GEORGE-BARTLETT line. Both Elmer
and Alma died around 1897 in/around Essex County, MA or Rockingham County,
NH. Any information on these persons would be appreciated. My
grandmother was raised by relatives (believe it was Anna GEORGE BATTLES in
Haverhill, MA and Newton, NH) when her parents died in the 1897 epidemic.
My father believes that Alma was related to the PRESCOTTs of Rockingham
County. He also remembers that Ezra (Elmer$B!G(Bs father) was a politician in
NH. I have not found any GEORGEs that were NH politicians, but I did find
an Ezra BARTLETT that was. Since there isn$B!G(Bt a last name on the picture
and only a first name I am inclined to believe that Ezra was Alma$B!G(Bs
relative and not Elmer$B!G(Bs. If anyone can help me resolve any of this I
would really appreciate it.

Wilbur Fiske BALL, Jr. (1934-) & Dorothy Jane GRAHAM (1936-) dau. of
Thomas & Gladys (MASSEY) GRAHAM

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