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Subject: [GEORGE-L] Andrew Jackson George m: Mary Ann Hopkins
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 17:13:48 EST

We are new to the GEORGE list. This is our first query to this list. We are
researching our great grandfather Andrew Jackson GEORGE and his wife Mary Ann


Generation No. 1

1. ANDREW JACKSON1 GEORGE was born 2 Dec 1849 in TN, and died 11 Feb 1916 in
Katie, Garvin Co., OK. He married MARY ANN HOPKINS 17 Aug 1873 in Ozark Co.,

Source: Morman's Library Center
Ozark Co., MO
Andrew Jackson George married Mary Ann Hopkins on 17 Aug 1873 (I believe this
to be our ancestors - not proven - mgp. Their names are correct and the date
seems most likely and the State is most likely)

* * *
1920 Okfuskee Co., OK Census, vol. 56, E.D. 145, Sheet 5, Line 67*
Maryan George, White, age 60, b: AR
Enumerated with: Ben L. Adkins
Relationship to above: Mother-in-law
(* A. J. is not listed in the 1920 census because of his death in 1916. Mary
Ann is shown living with her daughter Minnie May Adkins and her husband Ben
L. Adkins. Mary Ann's age in 1920 should have been 64 not 60 and I believe
her place of birth would be TN but not proven with the exception of the 1910

1910 Garvin Co., OK Census, 021, 0071, 0146*
Audo George, White, age 61, b: TN
May George, Wife, age 54, b: TN
Frank George, son, age 10, b: TX
Gertie Anthony, dau., age 25, b: AR
Roy Anthony, Grandson, age 3, b: TX
(* Apparently with transcription of census records the names of Andrew and
Mary were transcribed incorrectly. The names should Andrew and Mary)

1900 Census - I believe the George family was in Milford, Ellis Co., TX
during this census. I have ordered the census from the library.

1890 Census - All census records were distroyed for this year.

1880 Census - I assumed the George family was living in MO this year since
Minnie May (daughter) was born in MO on 1882. I checked the entire MO Census
and they were not living there or in anyone else's household in the state. I
believe they may have been living in either AR or TN. I have ordered the AR
Census from the library for this year.

1870 Freeborn Twp., Clarkton P.O., Dunklin Co., MO Census, pg. 724 (taken on
22 Jul 1870) (176-176)
Martha George, age 57, F, white, Keeping house, Real Estate Value $800,
Personal Estate Value $300, b: TN, cannot write
Martha George, age 22, F, white, b: TN, cannot read nor write
Andrew George, age 19, M, white, Farm hand, b: TN, cannot read nor write
Margaret George, age 17, F, white, b: TN, cannot read nor write
John George, age 15, M, white, b: TN, Farm hand, b: TN, cannot read nor write

Living in the next household was:

1870 Freeborn Twp., Clarkton P.O., Dunklin Co., MO Census, pg. 724 (taken on
22 Jul 1870) (177-177)
William George, age 31, M, white, Farmer, $200 Real Estate Value, b: KY
Harriet George, age 37, F, white, Keeping house, b: TN, cannot write
Lucinda Myracle, age 16, F, white, b: TN
John Myracle, age 9, M, white, b: TN

1860 Census - Living in their parents home. This would be the first census
Mary Ann would show up since she was born 1856 in TN. All George and Hopkins
household would have to be viewed.

1850 Census - A. J. would be 1 year old during this census. It would most
likely be TN. All George household's would have to be viewed.

* * *
Andrew Jackson "Jack" George is buried in Katie Cemetery, Katie, Garvin Co.,
OK, his tombstone reads A. J. George Born Dec 2, 1849, Died Nov 2 1916 and
has a Mason stone.

* * *
After A. J. died in 1916 his house, ranch or acreage and belongings was sold
off by his wife, Mary lived with her children until her death in either
Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK or Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK. On the 1920 she was
found in the household of Ben L. Adkins and Minnie May Adkins (dau.).

2. ii. MINNIE MAY GEORGE, b. 19 Feb 1882, MO; d. 19 Feb 1957, Wetumka,
Hughes Co., OK.
3. iii. GERTIE GEORGE, b. Abt 1885, AR.
iv. MERTIE GEORGE, b. Abt 1885, AR.
4. v. CHARLES MATHEW GEORGE, b. 22 Dec 1889, Holcomb, Dunklin Co., MO; d. 1
Aug 1970, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK.
vi. FRANK GEORGE, b. Abt 1900, TX.

Generation No. 2

2. MINNIE MAY2 GEORGE (ANDREW JACKSON1) was born 19 Feb 1882 in MO, and died
19 Feb 1957 in Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK. She married BENJAMIN LAWRENCE ADKINS
Bef 1904 in Prob. Ellis Co., TX, son of SAMUEL ADKINS and SARAH STICE.

Certificate of Death, State of Oklahoma, State file no. 12427

1. Place of Death:
a. County: Hughes Co.
b. City: Wetumka
c. Length of stay in: 50 years
d. Name of hospital or institution: Home
2. Usual Residence:
a. State: Oklahoma
b. County: Hughes
c. City or Town: Wetumka
d. Street Address: Wetumka
e. Is residence inside city limits: Yes
f. Is residence on a farm? No
3. Name of Deceased: Minnie May ADKINS
4. Date of Death: Feb 19, 1957
5. Sex: Female
6. Race: White
7. Marital Status: Divorced
8. Date of Birth: Feb 19, 1882
9. Age at last birthday: 75
10 a. Occupation: Housewife
10 b. Kind of business: Home
11. Birthplace: MO
12. Citizen: US
13. Father's Name: Jack GEORGE
14. Mother's Maiden Name: Mary HOPKINS
15. Served in Armed Forces? No
16. Social Security No.: None
17. Informant: Lowell ADKINS, Purcell, OK
18. Cause of Death: Cancer of Uterus
19. - 20. Empty
21. The doctor attended the deceased from: Sept 28, 1956 to Feb 19, 1957 and
last saw her alive on: Feb 19, 1957, Death occured: 4 a.m.
22. a. Doctor's Signature: M. M. Hitaluak, D.O. [couldn't read signature]
22. b. Doctor's address: Wetumka, OK
22. c. Doctor's signature dated: Apr 29, 1957
23. a. Burial
23. b. Date Burial: Feb 20, 1957
23. c. Name of Cemetery: City Cemetery
23. d. Location: Wetumka, OK
24. Date Rec'd by Local Reg: Feb 20, 1957
25. Registrar's Signature: Mary Leu Spiller
26. Funeral Director: Spiller Funeral Home, Wetumka

Source: Probate Records, Petition for Letters of Administration for Minnie
May ADKINS, No. 7384
Wetumka, Hughes Co., Oklahoma
February 19, 1957
Administrator: Ed ADKINS, son of deceased
General character and probable value of the estate left by the decedent:

Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10), in Block Seventy-nine (79), Tiger Addition to the
Original Town of Wetumka, Approximate value: $1,850.00

Names of heirs:
Lillian KIRKPATRICK, daugher, aged 52
C. L. ADKINS, son, aged 50
Lowell ADKINS, son, aged 48
Ed ADKINS, son, aged 46
Lloyd ADKINS, son, aged 44
Alvin ADKINS, son, aged 37

Note: Probate records state Minnie May ADKINS was a Widow (she was actually
divorced and her ex-husband preceeded her in death by two years).

5. i. LILLIAN MAY3 ADKINS, b. 31 Jul 1904, Saratoga, Jefferson Co.,TX; d.
29 Oct 1996, Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., OK.
ii. CLIFFORD L. ADKINS, b. 10 Dec 1906, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK; d. 18
Nov 1965.
6. iii. LOWELL A. ADKINS, b. 4 Apr 1908, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK; d. 20
May 1990, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK.
7. iv. EDGAR "ED" LEE ADKINS, b. 13 Aug 1910, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK.
v. LLOYD JACKSON ADKINS, b. 8 May 1912, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK; d. Feb
vi. BENJAMIN HOWARD ADKINS, b. 22 Mar 1914, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK; d. 2
Oct 1930, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK.
vii. LANTHA LAFENE ADKINS, b. 8 Dec 1916, Wetumka, Hughes Co.,
Oklahoma; d. 7 Jun 1918, Wetumka, Hughes Co., Oklahoma.
viii. ALVIN "WHITIE" ADKINS, b. 25 Nov 1918, Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK.
ix. ELVIN "BLACKIE" ADKINS, b. 25 Nov 1918, Wetumka, Hughes Co., Oklahoma.

3. GERTIE2 GEORGE (ANDREW JACKSON1) was born Abt 1885 in AR. She married //
ANTHONY Bef 1907 in Prob. TX.

Gertie George was born abt 1885 in AR, she married a man by the last name of
Anthony, his first name is unknown. They had one son named Roy George which
was born abt 1907 in Texas.

Apparently, Gertie's husband either ran off and left her while living in
Texas or he was being really mean to her. She contacted her father, A. J.
George, and he went down to Texas (probably Ellis Co., TX) to bring her back
to Oklahoma where the George family was living. When he got down there,
Gertie was living in a tent and was about starved to death and the baby was
real sick. She came back to Oklahoma with her father without her husband.

On 14 Jul 1909, she was a witness to her brother, Charlie George's marriage
to Emma Saladin and she stated on the license that she was a resident of
Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK. She may have been living in her sister, Minnie May
George-Adkins and brother in law, Ben L. Adkins, household since they lived
in Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK and Ben L. Adkins was the second witness on the
marriage certificate.

In the 1910 census of Garvin Co., OK, she and her son, Roy Anthony, was shown
living in her parents household.

I assume she got divorced from her husband, ? Anthony, most likely while she
was living in Hughes or Garvin Co., OK.

Child of Gertie George and // Anthony is:
i. ROY3 ANTHONY, b. Abt 1907, TX.

4. CHARLES MATHEW2 GEORGE (ANDREW JACKSON1) was born 22 Dec 1889 in Holcomb,
Dunklin Co., MO, and died 1 Aug 1970 in Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK. He
married EMMA LOU SALADIN 14 Jul 1909 in Okfuskee Co., OK, daughter of William
Saladin and Sarah Randle.

1910 Garvin Co., OK Census (G620) 021, 0071, 0141
Chas. Gorge, White, age 21, b: MO
Emma Gorge, wife, age 20, b: MO
Infant Gorge, son, age NR, b: OK
(this should be Charles George)

1920 Okfuskee, Weleetka Co., OK Census, Vol. 56, E.D. 159, Sheet 5, Line 90
Charlie George, W, age 30, b: MO
Emma George, wife, age 28, b: MO
Paskel George, son, age 9, b: OK
Jewel George, dau., age 8, b: OK
Woodrow George, son, age 6, b: OK
Gladys George, dau., age 5, b: OK
Pearl George, dau., age 2, b: OK

In Memory of Emma Lou George, born April 9, 1890, died April 27, 1961
Services at Freewill Baptist Church, Sunday, April 30, 2:30 p.m.
Weleetka, OK, Clergyman officiating Rev. Charles Mayer and Rev. E. A.
Spiller, Weleetka, OK
Final resting place Hillcrest Cemetery, Weleetka, OK
Funeral conducted by Spiller Funeral Home

Weleetka Cemetery, Okfuskee Co., OK
Charles M. George b. 22 Dec 1889 d. 1 Aug 1970 (B-132-3)
Emma Lue George b. 9 Apr 1890 d. 27 Apr 1961 (B-132-2)

Okfuskee Co., OK Marriage Records, 1907-1914
C. M. George, 21, white, of Wetumka married Emma Soladin, 19, white, of
Wetumka on 14 July 1909. Both born in Missouri (Sec) B. L. Adkins (Wit:) B.
L. Adkins and Gertie Anthony both of Wetumka, OK.

Note: B.L. Adkins was Charlie's brother-in-law and Gertie is believed to have
been his sister.

There is an obituary for Charles Matthew George, husband of Emma Lous Saladin
George, in the Oklahoma Historical Society Library. He died in 1970. He had a
brother named Frank "of Oklahoma City". His father died in 1917, and his
mother remarried Drew Morton, son of Frank Morton. This all according to the
obit. There is no mention of Andrew Jackson George in this obituary or in the
index of obituaries for Weleetka. (Source: - Donna Barnes)

U.S. Social Security Act, Application for Account Number: 448-09-7129
Name and Address: Charlie Mathew George, Weleetka, OK
Business name or present employer: Unemployed
age: 48; date of birth: Dec 22, 1889, place of birth: Holcomb, MO (Dunklin
Father: Andrew Jackson George; mother: Mary Ann Hopkins
Sex: Male, Color: White, dated Mar 18, 1938; signed: C.M. George

Children of Charles George and Emma Saladin are:
ii. JEWEL GEORGE, b. Abt 1912, OK.
iii. WOODROW GEORGE, b. Abt 1914, OK; m. CELIA //.
v. PEARL GEORGE, b. Abt 1918, OK; m. ESTEL REED.
vi. THEODORE GEORGE, b. Abt 1921; m. MASKILL //.

Any leads would be helpful. Thank you,
Melinda G. Pennington
St. Louis, Missouri

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