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From: Monte George <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 21:19:09 -0400
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I am sorry, but the nature of the Y-Chromosome makes it possible to test only males
in a direct line of descent. The Y-Chromosome is passed from father to son.
Occasionaly a random mutation crops up. Over a very long period of time, more
mutations occur. There are other factors involved in interpreting the results, but
if two participants have an exact match with 12 DNA markers and share a common
surname, it it probably that they share a common ancestor. One can be a direct
descendent and a male and still not be a direct descendent in the male line - father
to son to grandson to great grandson, etc.

Monte George


> >From all of the other DNA projects I've seen on here, they say you must be a
> male and a direct descendent from the surname in question.. My great great
> grandmother was a George.. would it still be able to test for the line even
> though she was a female? Or does it not work that way?
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