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From: Bruce and Judy Voran <>
Subject: Trying to sort out John and Nicholas George
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 13:27:10 -0700

I am descended from Nicholas George and Margaret of Lancaster County.
I have just been to the George DNA website and looked at the chart of
the George surname DNA results.

Lineage I and Lineage II are the two lineages that interest me. Males
from Lineage II possibly descend from John George, but there apparently
nothing more than circumstantial evidence for this.

A relationship between Nicholas and John George has been postulated
based on several pieces of evidence:
John George appears to be from County Essex, England as proved by a
will of his father-in-law Humphries Cole in 1623 (information from
Marty Grant.)
Thomas Taberer patented land with Nicholas George and Humphrey Clarke
in Charles City, County, VA in 1652 and Thomas Taberer was the executor
for the will of Col. John George in 1679 in Isle of Wight, VA.
Nicholas George is supposed to have married Margaret Saward in Essex,

It seems clear to me, however, that IF the project participants in
Lineage II are the descendants of Col. John George, then Nicholas
George of Lancaster County, VA and Col. John George of Isle of Wight
did not share a common ancestor in a meaningful time frame.

Nicholas George is supposed to have married Margaret Saward, but I have
seen a note that Margaret Saward married _______ George. I have found
that the Essex marriage registers by Phillimore have been filmed by the
Family History Library so I thought I would start out by ordering vols.
I and 2 since they are on one film and the cost per film has gone up to
$5.50. Has anyone looked at these films or the books by Phillimore to
see the entry for Margaret Saward and ------ George and knows which
volume of Phillimore I might find that entry?

Can someone tell me the source for the George pedigree which has
Richard George and Anne Gibson of Essex, England in generation 1?
William George and Anne Greene in generation 2?

Thanks so much for any help.

Judy Voran

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