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From: "Marty Grant" <>
Subject: Re: [GEORGE] Trying to sort out John and Nicholas George
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 19:25:34 -0500
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Hi Judy and George listers,

As some of you know I am about 95% finished with a book on the Col. John
George family. I really want to finish it as soon as possible, but of course
nothing goes according to schedule! <g> Just telling you this in case you
were wondering what is taking so long.

Judy, I've also looked at the DNA results you mentioned. I don't think those
two participants are really part of the Col. John George line. It is
possible, but I can't imagine how they would tie in. I've never come across
any likely connection for them. Of course something may turn up someday.

Now, onto the next subject, whether Nicholas and Col. John were brothers or
closely related. I still don't know about that. I think they knew each other
without doubt, so I'd say as a minimum they were cousins. It is possible
that they weren't related at all but wound up in the same area and got

We don't really know where John George came from in England. I have some
serious doubts about him being the same John George named in the Will of
Humphries Cole as "son-in-law" as some things just don't add up. In that
Will (recorded in Essex County), Mr. Cole refers to John as John George,
Yeoman of Writtle. "Yeoman" was a title, just short of "Gentleman", and
"Writtle" is a town on the other side of Essex County. We have found records
of John George Yeoman of Writtle that are too early to be our John George,
and also an estate record in 1638 same place. That can't be our John George,
as he didn't die until the 1670's.

Also, as far as I know there are no records of Nicholas George in Essex
either. There is a marriage record of (???) George marrying Margaret Saward
there, but the transcript I saw said it was too dim to read the given name.
Perhaps someone else has looked at this and determined it said "Nicholas" or
perhaps someone assumed it was him, since his wife was also named "Margaret"
but I don't know since I haven't seen the original record myself. Anyway,
food for thought.

Back to DNA testing, Unfortunately, no one who is proven to be from the Col.
John George line has taken the test yet. I wish someone would, but I haven't
been able to convince anyone yet. Perhaps someday. I'm not a betting man,
but I'm thinking there is only about a 50% chance that descendants of Col.
John will match descendants of Nicholas. If they do match, then that would
be cool. I'd love to claim the huge Nicholas George family as "kin."

Marty Grant (Marvin Grant Jr)

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> Lineage I and Lineage II are the two lineages that interest me. Males
> from Lineage II possibly descend from John George, but there apparently
> nothing more than circumstantial evidence for this.

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