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In 1677, Isle of Wight County had some trouble From one John Jennings, =
apparently a British soldier who had decided to remain in the colony. He=
was ordered to be deported and on this matter, Magistrate Herbert Jeffri= es
entered the following court record: "I do hereby for the reasons herein
grant a = respite of time for his departure out of this country until the
month of = September next, provided said John Jennings does put in good
security for= his behavior be- fore Col. John George and the Isle of Wight

Col. John George died in 1678. His will is dated August 2, 1678, and = was
proved January 9, 1678*. The following information is given in the will:
After commending his s= oul into the hands of Almighty God, he bequeaths his
body to the earth"to= be decently buried without gunns or much drink. "* *
To his only son, Isaac (Isaack), he bequeathes all his land on the Nor= th
side of Castle Creek, from the mouth of the creek to the "quarter spri= ng"
near his dwelling house, provided that his wife, Anne, have full priv=
iledge to make use of the land he was preparing to plant with corn or tob=
acco for two crops after the finishing of this crop. (Anne was the secon= d
wife of John George. She married two more times after his death, secon= dly
to John Lear and thirdly to Robert Randall. ) To his son Isaac, he also
gives his horse (named Irving?), his plush s= addle and bridle, his wearing
apparel, rapier, new Spanish leather belt, = a long gun and a new feather
bed. To his grandson John George (son of Isaac), he gives a negro woman cal=
led Dido and a young mare together with all offspring of the negro and ma=
re. Col. George further stipulates that after he is six years old, this
gran= dson is to be taught to read and write by his wife Anne, "so,farr as
wri= ting and accounts may here be taught." To his two daughters Rebecca and
Sarah, he gives 40 shillings apiece t= o be paid them in goods or money
within six months after his decease. ('Under the Old Style Calendar, which
was used until 1752, the new year began in March, not January. "This appears
to indicate that Col. John George expected to be accorded a ceremonious
state funeral replete with musket salutes and "lifting of cups" in tribute
to the departed. He had undoubtedly attended a number of such funerals and
preferred for himself a simple ceremony that would not perhaps degenerate
into clamorous revel ry.)FOOTNOTE IN BOOK To his grandchildren John Lewis
and Joyce Lewis he gives each a heifer= of two years old and a cow and a cow
calf. To the children of Phillip= "Pardoe he gives a two-year old heifer
between them. To his wife Anne he bequeathes all the remainder of his estate
on the = South side of Castle Creek and the Quarter Spring together with all
other= property not specifically bequeathed and being properly his in
Virginia = or in England. He appoints his wife Anne as sole executrix of his
A transcript of Col. John George's will is included in p. 41

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> My George's came from Lincoln Co Tnn back to 1809 then va to 1776 before
> that I dont no yet but Im still digging with them george's they hide a
> lot
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