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From: "James George" <>
Subject: Re: [GEORGE] Rant really woke the list up
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 14:28:28 -0400
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Glad my nonsense had some good come out of it! :-) I too am glad to see
this list come alive. I really like reading about everyone else's
experiences and seeing where their family research journeys have them
headed. You folks really do good work, and you inspire me to return to my
own research after getting stumped and giving up temporarily.
As summer thinks about coming to a close here on the east coast of the USA,
I find myself wondering what George reunions--if any--have taken place this
year, or will yet take place. In fact, I wonder how many people are on this
list, and whether we could ever be audacious enough to try our own massive
get together? Wouldn't it be great to rent some huge hall somewhere with a
nice outdoor pavilion too, and with several tables set up for us to gather
with our scanners and laptops and books and records?

Of course, here in the U.S. we're paying outrageous prices for gasoline (I
know, all non-American Georges: you have been doing so for years! Hopefully
you "feel our pain" then!), and this would limit most of us as to where we
could drive, if we ever were to try such a mega-reunion. Hmm, as an IT geek
par excellence, I wonder if maybe we had several regional reunions
throughout the US, and in the UK, and in Australia, and all the other places
that we Georges call home, could we then try to link us all together in some
kind of massive web cam, chat room, teleconference goulash? What do you all
think? Anyway in heck we might be able to try such a thing? Maybe for Summer

OK, time for a show of hands: how many multi-millionaire Georges do we have
on this list? You know, you could think about flying us all to your mansion
next Summer--I have no problem being the chief bottle washer and floor
scrubber if you like. :-) It would be a family affair after all! And maybe
the George accountants on the list could make it all tax deductible for you


"If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking." - General George

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