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Subject: Re: [GEORGE] George
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 09:12:52 +1200
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>I disagree. Strongly, in fact.
> I have seen more discussion about the George surname in the last month
> than
> I have in the previous twelve months. Likewise, I have learned quite a bit
> about some of the earliest Georges by reading about everyone's research,
> about whether their ancestors came from Wales, Ireland, or Germany. A
> listserv is supposed to be a forum of exchange of ideas centered around a
> common topic, and I think everyone has been doing just that.

I like my family history to be enjoyable. I like to follow a narrative and
research find out how true it was. After all the hopes and dreams of my
are just as important as the names places and dates.

I studied the life and forebears of David Lloyd George who was at one time
the British Prime Minister. His family narrative was that his line
from South Wales. There is a vast inland waterway there. The name in
his legend originated from Flanders. Flemish weavers came in numbers to
Britain in the 14th century. it was a part of the woollen trade. I don't
we can trace the family line to every George, but it is the name essentially
which travelled. I wonder sometimes if the German Georges also originated
from the south west of Germany and have distant links to Flanders.

The most famous German George I know of was Stefan George who was
a famous poet.

Yes. I like the conversation.

pob bendith
many blessings

David George
New Zealand.

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