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From: "Vicki Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: [GEORGE] GEORGE fam of late 1700s Greenbrier Co, WV
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 23:51:37 -0500
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It really looks like it possibly could have been taken at the same
time......... I haven't taken the time to look up that picture and compared
the two, but it surely is a possibility.......

Vicki Stewart

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Subject: Re: [GEORGE] GEORGE fam of late 1700s Greenbrier Co, WV

Marty--Sounds like a great idea--writing the book, I mean. Maybe it
would prove to the skeptical that there are many George families, in
Virginia and other southern states, and that there is no relationship
whatever with a lot of them. If I weren't too old I might tackle the
Nicholas George line, but it is too big a job for me now. And , Hal,
the person who told you their big sisters brought Richard Dudley and
William Francis to Greenbriar is dreaming. They only had one
sister--Lucy--and she doesn't seem to have been anywhere around. The
boys were both teenagers and Richard was married to Sarah at the age of
19, just a couple of years later. Barbara

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