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From: "Sandy Peavey" <>
Subject: [GEORGE] I need help on my George family line
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 13:39:47 -0400
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Help! I am told that I have messed up this line somewhere and have the wrong
Georges together unfortunately I can't figure out where I went wrong. I was
told I was wrong by someone on this list so I was in hope they would contact
me with where my error is I have lost their email address. Most of the info
I have here came off "Ancestry" and "Heritage Quest" and "Family Search" and
some family info. If anyone has anything that would help me out please pass
it on. I am getting very frustrated that I can't figure where I went wrong
and feeling very dense since it probably is looking right at me and I am
just not seeing it.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Irving Charles George
Born 27 July 1842
Died 10 August 1921
Married to Josephine Cornellia Herrick

George Washington George
Born 1810 Bradford, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Dies unknown believed it was in New York
Married to Hannah Jeanette Rolph

Levi George
Born 1786 Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Died 10 May 1830 Brownville, Jefferson County, New York
Married to Lucy A. Bailey

Austin George
Born 11 April 1756 Amesbury, Essex Co. Massachusetts
Died 15 January 1817 Branford, Merrimack, New Hampshire
Married Lydia George

John George
Born 12 October 1729 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Died 25 October 1798 unknown place
Married Susannah Dow

John Swaddock George
Born 15 December 1702 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Died 28 July 1785 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Married Alice Robinson

John George
Born 1675 Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died 28 February 1716 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Married Ann Swaddock

Nicholas George
1620 Dorchester, Doset County, England
19 July 1672 Guinea, West Africa
Married Abigail George

Nicholas George Sr.
Born 12 Feb 1599
Died 03 April 1975 Dorchester
Married Elizabeth Walls

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