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From: "Leon Flusche" <>
Subject: [GA] Re: [DUKE-L] Re: Elizabeth Duke; Carrollton Georgia
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 07:27:31 -0500


A number of names and places that you mention have counterparts in some of
my DUKE family information. We trace our family back to Morgan Co., GA, and
John P. DUKE (1776?-1829?), probably the son of Taylor DUKE (1755?-1823),
who also died in Morgan Co. Taylor is probably the son of James DUKE
(1730?-1786?), who is the son of John Taylor DUKE (1707?-1785?). These
latter three were all Revolutionary War soldiers, and received land in GA in
payment for their services. James had several other sons, one of whom was
Edmond DUKE (1752?- ). All I have on him is that he married a woman named
Susan ___. He would have been about the right age to be the father of
Elizabeth, and a Revolutionary War soldier, too. By the way, where is Sewell
Church in Morgan Co.?

Carrollton is about 100 miles west of Morgan Co. Does anyone on the list
know if Morgan Co. ever extended that far west? One of John P. DUKE's sons,
Thomas DUKE (1800?-1866), was pastor of the Hopewell Primitive Baptist
Church in Carroll Co. John P. DUKE's oldest son, David DUKE(S) (1798-1876),
(from whom we trace our lineage) was sheriff of nearby Coweta Co., GA in

There's quite a story about Thomas. So that she could participate in the
benefits of James B. DUKE's will, one of the descendants of Thomas tried to
prove that he was an uncle of James Buchanan DUKE, founder of American
Tobacco Co., Duke Power, and Duke University. He was actually no more than a
third cousin, but it caused a lot of excitement in the family about 70 years

If you can see that there is a connection here, let me know and I can send
you a .ged file with much of this info.

Leon Flusche

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From: Rick Graham <>
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Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 7:44 AM
Subject: [DUKE-L] Re: Elizabeth Duke; Carrolton Georgia

>Looking for Elizabeth Duke born 1786 in Georgia...who married Thomas
>Bonner,Jr. (1779-1860) from Carrolton, Georgia.
>Buried Sewell Church in Morgan County, GA. Thirteen Children.
>Many sources have Elizabeth's father listed as "Edmund".... if this is
>true.... the question is ....which Edmund ????
>I have all this "DUKE" lineage/history.... but cannot find my link into
>great heritage...can anyone provide any information on the names of
>Elizabeth's parents?
>Rick Graham
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