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From: ShaniFaye <>
Subject: [GEORGIA] Roads in Ellenwood in 1920
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 19:35:51 -0500

I am trying to figure out a location on the map for the 1920 census in
Ellenwood. The family I am tracing was in district 67 which according to
the census description was Militia District 1406, Ellenwood including Rex
town; it shows the family lived on Covington Road and the two roads on the
pages on either side of my family are Decatur Road and Panola Road. Now I
know where Panola is....I cannont find Covington or Decatur Road in
Ellenwood....I know where Covington Hwy is and its way to far north (and in
another county) I dont know if Decatur Rd refers to Hwy 29 or Hwy 78 but in
either case, neither are in Clayton now, that I can find. I'm *guessing*
that since Rex was included it was somewhere near where Rex Rd and Panola
road are....and my mind is thinking...could it be what is Ellenwood road

Anyone either know where I can find a county map from 1920, my googling
hasnt brought up one, or have first hand knowledge of what the area of
Covington Rd and Decatur Rd and Panola Rd is now?


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