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Subject: [GV] Surname Research - BRAUN, FAHRENBRUCH, FILBERT, and WEIBERT
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 14:56:44 EDT

The following is summary info on my BRAUN line. I would appreciate hearing
from anyone working on this BRAUN lineage (I realize there are other Braun's
of the Volga who do not connect with mine). If any of the info below is of
help to someone else or they have further questions or more information on
connecting lines, please let me know ASAP.

I am trying to connect my BRAUN line back as far as I can to eventually find
the immigrant ancestor. According to Stumpp book, the only BRAUN who
immigrated to the Volga area (who was Luthern) was Sebastian BRAUN who was an
original immigrant to the village of Karmenka; however, as yet I have not
been able to connect with this BRAUN family---or any other, for that matter.

My grandfather Johann Wilhelm BRAUN (b. 1884 - Moor - d. 1968 Lincoln, NE)
who became a citizen and changed his name to John William BROWN:
Parents: Eugenie WEIBERT (b. 27 Nov 1859 in or near Schilling - d. 1922
Lincoln, NE) and Heinrich BRAUN (b. abt 1857-62 - probably Moor - d. abt.
1895-97 Norka). They were married 28 January 1882 in Messer.
Grandparents: Parents of Eugenie: Jacob WEIBERT (b. abt. 1835 - Messer
d.??) and Christine Marie FILBERT (b. abt 1835 - Schilling - d. ??) siblings
& parents unknown. Parents of Heinrich: Heinrich Peter BRAUN (b. abt.
1835 - 1840 probably Moor - d. ? ?) and Barbara FAHRENBRUCH (b. abt.
1835-1840 - Frank - d. ? ?) siblings & parents unknown.

When my grandfather was a young boy, his parents and he & his brother moved
(probably from Moor) to Norka where his father worked at the flour mill. In
abt. 1896, his father was killed in an accident at the mill. In 1898 His
mother, Eugenia, married John Hinkle in Norka (he was a widower with
children) and together they had a child, Natalie, born 1900 in Norka. Their
combined family then immigrated to Lincoln, NE in 1900 (aboard the S.S.
Pretoria - see ship record below).

In the Hattie Plum Williams census (1913-1915) of GR in Lincoln, NE, the
BRAUN's listed there are brothers to my great grandfather, Heinrich BRAUN.
They are: Adolph BRAUN, age 40 (wife Sarah age 32) lists his birthplace as
Moor, and Moor for his father and Frank for his mother. Friedrich BRAUN, age
38 (wife Elizabeth, age 39) lists his birthplace as Moor with the same for
his father and mother (his wife from Beideck). Jacob BRAUN, age 46 (wife
Katharine, age 38) lists his birthplace as Moor, with Moor for his father and
Frank for his mother. These families all remained in Lincoln, NE, reared
their children there and died in Lincoln.

Census of 1775 and 1778 for Moor contains only a few BRAUNs:
George Friedrich BRAUN 1798
Friedrich BRAUN (30) 1798 and his wife Maria (40)and their children
George (6.5 years) and Anna (4.5 years)
Anna Maria BRAUN (28) 1798 wife of Johann Peter KLAUS (29), living in
home of his father Johann Peter KLAUS (55) and Magdalena KLEIN (47).

There is no further info with these entries, so it's hard to make any family

I understand there are 1850 and 1857 census records that can be searched by
Dr. Pleve for the village of Moor and these might provide more BRAUN names &
possible connections with my BRAUN line.


Passport: Dated: April 1900 - Russia, Saratov - farmer Johannes HINKLE,
with his wife Eugenie and their children, Christina Marie, Elisabeth,
Natalie, George Adam and Heinrich Nicholaus HINKLE and farmer Heinrich BRAUN
with his brother Johann BRAUN.

Ship Record - S. S. Pretoria left from Hamburg, Germany on 20 May 1900 and
arrived Port of New York, 3 Jun 1900: Johannes HINKLE (age 45), Eugenie
(BRAUN) HINKLE (age 40), Christine HINKLE (age 17), Elisabeth HINKLE (age 8),
Georg HINKLE (age 7), Heinrich HINKLE (age 4), Natalie HINKLE(age 6 months),
Heinrich BRAUN (age 17) and Johann BRAUN (age 16).

Certificate of Marriage - Johann Wilhelm BRAUN (son of Heinrich BRAUN and
Eugenia WEIBERT) and Catharina Elisabeth SCHWARTZ (daughter of Friederich
Adam SCHWARTZ and Catharina YOST - from Norka; I have Pleve charts on these
families). This certifies that on 24th of November 1904, in Lincoln, NE, I
duly joined in marriage John BRAUN and Elisabeth SCHWARZ of Lancaster County,
Nebraska, signed by John Arnold, minister of the German Reformed Church.
Witnesses were John HINKLE (his step-father) and Fritz SCHWARZ (her father).

Petition for Naturalization, dated 14 March 1915, Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska
for Johann BRAUN

Death Certificates: Elizabeth Katherine BROWN, John W. BROWN, Eugenia HINKLE

Census of Lincoln, NE - 1913-1915 (by Hattie Plum Williams) brothers of
Heinrich BRAUN (b. abt. 1859) all stated their birthplace was Moor and their
father, Heinrich Peter BRAUN, was born in Moor and their mother, Barbara
FAHRENBRUCH, was born in Frank. They all immigrated to Lincoln, NE between
1900-1910 from Norka colony. It is unknown why or when these BRAUN brothers
left Moor and went to Norka.

Baptismal Certificate for Eugenie WEIBERT (My Great Grandmother - found in
her trunk & translated): gives Eugenie's birth as 27 November 1859 and her
baptism date as 6 December 1859 in the school house of Sosnowka (Schilling)
by Pastor Dittrich: Eugenie's Parents: Jacob WEIBERT from Ust Solicha
(Messer) Reformed Evangelical and his wife, Christine Marie FILBERT, Luthern
Evangelical. Witnesses: the colonists, school master, Andreas DONIS and his
wife Pamalie, born JUSTIS; Martin FILBERT and his wife, Anna Margaretha, born
GERHARDT; Johannes POPP and his wife, Charlotte, born FILBERT; Theodor
FILBERT and his wife, Catharina, born SCHILLING; Heinrich LORENZ and his
wife, Catharina Elisabeth, born LEONHARDT and Heinrich Peter WEIBERT and
Christine FILBERT. The accuracy of this copy of the baptismal register of
the Evangelical Luthern Church in Sosnowka (Schilling) is certified. It is
signed by F. Dittrich, 18 February 1864, Talowka (Beideck). Note: Pastor
Felician Joseph Dittrich was pastor in Beideck from 1859 to 1880 and traveled
to other colonies to perform baptisms, marriages, etc.

Familien Chronit. (Family Chronicle) for Eugenie WEIBERT and Heinrich BRAUN
(found in Eugenie's trunk and translated) Heinrich BRAUN (where he was born
and names of his parents has been left blank) and Eugenie BRAUN, born WEIBERT
on 27 Nov 1859 in Sosnowka (Schilling), on 28 January 1882 were married in
the Church in Ust Solicha (Messer) by the Pastor, Dettling. Names of their
4 children and names of witnesses:

Heinrich Emanuel BRAUN - born 1882 the 3rd of November, baptized 25 December
1882 in Ust Solicha (Messer) by the Honorable Pastor Dettling. Witnesses:
Emanuel WEIBERT and his wife Amalia, born BRUCH (?), Carl MICHAELIS, his wife
Sara, born DETTLING, Johannes and Catharina BRAUN, Adolph FAHRENBRUCH and his
wife Catharina, born BRAUN. (NOTE: Adolph Heinrich FAHRENBRUCH born 13 Aug
1852- died 10 July 1889 and wife Catharina BRAUN born 1853 are found on the
FAHRENBRUCH chart. Parents of Adolph Heinrich are Johannes FAHRENBRUCH (born
25 Oct 1816 - died 17 Feb 1878) and Elisabeth SCHMIDT (born 1816 - died 1902).

Johann Wilhelm BRAUN - (my grandfather) born 5th of February 1884, baptized
on 10 May 1884 in Ust Solicha (Messer) by Pastor Dettling. The witnesses:
Conrad FAHRENBRUCH and his wife Anna, born ASMUS, Johannes WEIBERT and
Paulina WEIBERT, Jacob BRAUN and Elisabethea JACOBI, Heinrich FAHRENBRUCH and
Peter PINNEKER. (NOTE: Conrad FAHRENBRUCH and his wife Anna ASMUS are on
the FAHRENBRUCH chart).

Natalie BRAUN, born 1887 the 14th of September, baptized on the 30th of
January 1888 in Talowka (Beideck). The witnesses: Conrad BRAUN and his wife
Katharina, born HEIL, Luterich EITEL and his wife Chalalania Marie EITEL,
born WEBER, Catharina Eugenie PINNEKER and Amelia BRAUN. Died 1892 on 11

Conrad BRAUN, born 1890 on 12 February and died 1892 the 21st of September.
No further information is given about Conrad (such as date or place of his

Moor Colony - Pleve Chart for MOOR Surname - 3 families who were original
immigrants from Kurpfalz (Germany) who were of the reformed faith and who
arrived in Moor colony on 1 July 1766. Intermarriages with BRAUNs. One of
these 3 immigrants is Jacob MOOR, born 1721 who married Anna Margaretha, born
1719. Their 2 children were: (1) Anna Margaretha (born 1751/52) who married
Adam WEBER and (2) Johann Adam MOOR, (born 1749) who married Anna Elisabeth
TIEFETELER (?) (born 1750) and had 6 children; their son Friedrick (born
1780) who married 1 wife Catharine Margaretha MICHEL (b. 1771 - d. 1805) and
married 2 wife Anna Catharine DINGES (b. 1782 - d. 1860) on 7 Feb 1806 and
had 10 children. Their son Johann Christian (b. 1810 - d. 1864) married Anna
Margaretha BRAUN (b. 1810). This couple had 8 children; their daughter
Catharina Elisabeth (b. 1830 - d. 1854) married Johann Balthasar BRAUN in
1851. After her death Johann Balthasar BRAUN then married her sister, Anna
Elisabeth (b. 1833) in 1855. Another sister, Anna Barbara (b. 1837) married
Johann Conrad BRAUN (b. 1841) in 1861.

Frank Colony - Evangelical Lutheran Church - Baptismal Record - Friedrich
BRAUN (brother to my great grandfather, Heinrich BRAUN), son of Heinrich
Peter BRAUN and Barbara nee FAHRENBRUCH (my great, great grandparents) was
born 16 July 1876 and was baptized on 29 August 1876 by the Pastor loci David
in the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Medweditzko-Krestowoi-Bujerak (Frank).
Christian family or godparents present were Friedrich BRAUN and Johannes
BRAUN. This was recorded on 26 March 1892 as Number 272.

Frank Colony - FAHRENBRUCH chart - Pleve, April 2001 - 2 possibilities for
my Barbara FAHRENBRUCH (only 4 total Barbara's on the entire chart):
(1) Barbara FAHRENBRUCH born 3 Oct 1842 in Frank and died 22 April 1889 in
Frank, who married BRAUN (no given name for him or any other information
given for him). Barbara is the daughter of Friedrich FAHRENBRUCH (born 1
July 1811 who died 2 Jun 1863) and Barbara HERBST (born 23 Jan 1814 who died
25 Oct 1882). If this is not my great, great grandmother, I would still be
interested in knowing full name of her husband (BRAUN).
(2) Barbara FAHRENBRUCH (born 1836 - Frank; no further information is given
on her). She is the daughter of Johann Conrad FAHRENBRUCH (born 1798 - Frank
and died 15 March 1856 - Frank) and Magdalena LOBSACK (born March 1799 -
Frank and died 16 Dec 1850 - Frank).
Fathers of the above 2 Barbara FAHRENBRUCH's are brothers!

Messer Colony - WEIBERT Pleve Chart - Emigrant Ancestor: Georg WEIBERT (b.
? who died in Deutchland abt. 1768) married to Christina (b. 1733) Their 3
children: Leongardt (b. 1752/54?) who married Elisabeth DAUT (b. 1754),
Heinrich Andreas (b. 1754/57?) who married Marie Barbara SCHNEIDER (b.
1762/63) and Anna Maria (b. 1757/59) who married Johannes MENG (b. 1759)

Heinrich Andreas WEIBERT (b. 1754/57) and Marie Barbara had 7 children listed
on the WEIBERT chart. One of their sons, Johannes WEIBERT (b. 9 Jul 1795)
married to Margaretha BRUG (b. 11 Jul 1797) had 8 children. One of their
sons is listed as Jacob Friedrich WEIBERT (b. 26 Apr 1838). No wife or
children are listed for this Jacob Friedrich WEIBERT----could he possibly be
the father of my great grandmother, Eugenie WEIBERT (b. 27 Nov 1959 -
Schilling) daughter of Jacob WEIBERT and Christine Marie FILBERT?

Schilling Colony - Original Colonizers
The surname FILBERT is one of the original names found in the colony of
Schilling. Mother of Eugenie WEIBERT, Christine Marie FILBERT (b. abt 1835)
probably connects with the original FILBERT emigrant from Germany to
Schilling. Siblings of Eugenie and her mother are unknown.

Schilling Colony - Pleve Chart for immigrant Michael SINNER
On this chart, Johannes(b. 1769 in Schilling) a son of Michael SINNER, had a
son named Johann Martin (b. 1787) who had a son named Johann Karl (b. 1813)
who married Katharina Margaretha FILBERT (her birthdate is unknown - death
date is 18 Jul 1888). She is about the right age to possibly be a sister to
the father of my great, great grandmother, Christine Marie FILBERT (b. abt.

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