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From: "fjacobs" <>
Subject: [GV] Pfeifer, Russia those left behind
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 06:37:06 -0600

Pfeifer, Russia Those Who Were Left Behind, 1896-1996.

Emanuel Lell, born in Pfeifer, Russia in 1920 , recounts the

famines and deportations, as well as the fates of about 1/2

of the 300+ families listed on the 1912 Pfeifer, Russia map.

Families are listed in a mini quesionaire, in German.

Additional census of early Argentinian Pfeifer (San Francisco)

and Argentinian Kamenka (Colonel Suarez) census are included,

as well as 1890s houehold map of Crespo, Argentina and a small

assortment of letters from Pfeifer, Russia Siberian deportees

currently in Germany. Book is available at printing and mailing cost,

$16 in Kinko's Xerox spiral assembly.

Frank Jacobs

Frank Jacobs

4625 NW Geronimo Topeka, KS 66618

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