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From: karin smith <>
Subject: Hosterlitz
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 19:26:58 -0800 (PST)

I've learned so much from everyone on this list and really appreciate it.
I have a problem and hope someone can give me suggestions. How can I find
parish records or information from the village of Hosterlitz (north-east
of Maehrisch-Schoenberg (Sumperk). My great-grandfather Franz Nes(s)et
was born in Hosterlitz on February 11, 1840 (parents: Johann Neset &
Helene(a) Kubitschek). He married Karolina Meixner on April 27, 1863 in
Bartelsdorf. Apparently, Franz Neset had a farm in Hosterlitz. My
grandfather was his youngest son: Eduard Nes(s)et, born 19 January 1884
in Hosterlitz. There was also an older brother named Alois (he married
several times, but left no issue). I've been told that there were 7 or 8
girls, but can't find any names. Does anyone have suggestions how to try
to find their names and dates of birth? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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