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Mr. Paulson,

Thank you for responding so quickly! I am so excited to maybe being on
the right road! In all of my research in talking to relatives (my family
was one that did not talk or share anything, at least that I can
remember), my great grandparents came from Bohemia/Germany. Until I
found my ggrandmothers obit last week, she mentioned this village. She
passed away in 1939. I'm just hoping that through any information you
can supply me, I will be successful in my research.
Here is some information which may be of help to you:
Ggrandfather: Johann Janotta
DOB: 12/17/1853 - Bohemia
DOD: 10/2/1901 - He was killed at a barn raising, when one of the
timbers fell on him.
Married: 1879
Ggrandmother: Mary Hetz
DOB: 4/16/1857
1882 Immigrated to US
Son: Wenz Janotta, born 8/1882 in Bohemia
Other siblings born in USA:
Anna Mary Janotta - DOB: 5/2/1884
John Lawrence Janotta - my grandfather - DOB: 8/20/1885
Peter P. Janotta - DOB: 6/26/1887
Anthony F. Janotta - DOB 10/16/1892

On the 1900 Census of Peru Township, Ohio - Johann listed his occupation
as a carpenter. As was my grandfather. The family were of the Catholic
I do have a copy of Johann's Naturalization papers.

I would love any information about the village you might send me. If
additional information is required, I will do my best to supply it to
Thanking you again,
Elaine Lochner
Ps I'll try that web page you suggested.

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Hello Elaine:

Your village of "Preheisen" is really the village of Pscheheischen in
Mies ib southern Egerland, Bohemia. There were several Hetz families
in this village in 1946.
If you want more information on the village, etc. contact me via e-mail.
Heimatkreis Mies has a interesting web-page at:

Bob Paulson
GBHS Founder

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 11:08:54 -0600
Subject: Janotta/Hetz

I am researching the names Johann and Mary Hetz Janotta, with a brother,
named Joseph Janotta, who was still living in 1939. In Mary's obituary,
she listed him being from the town of Preheisen, Germany. When I type
this town into the computer, it comes up Preuseen. Is this the correct
place? They came to the US in 1882 with a young son, named Wenz. Settled
in Huron County Ohio, while other siblings settled in the Toledo, Ohio
area. Johann was a carpenter by trade. They were of the Catholic faith.
Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, Elaine Lochner,

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