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I do not have units, that is the information I am hoping to discover. I do have officer's names. The officers don't concern me, but they are my link to the unit in which I hope to find a soldier in that unit.

I am looking at two time frames. One around 1698 and the other bewtween 1771 and 1774. The three soldiers I am looking for may have lived, visited, or were stationed in Assenheim. The companies were probably different, but all the records come from christening records in the Assenheim church books.

In 1698, I am looking for Solms soldier (? Joh. Geo.?) Engelbach, but I don't know the officer's name yet. I expect to know more tonight after viewing the original source or the record in question. In 1698, Assenheim would have been under the count of Solms-Rdelheim and Assenheim, and part of Hesse-Hanau or Nassau(?), and also perhaps part of the Isenberg's territory.
In 1771, I am looking for Hanau soldier: Freidrich Scha(t)zberg in Major Degen's Company.
In 1774, I am looking for Hanau soldier Corp. Frobessen in Lt. Genev's Company.

I will see if I can get my hands on the book mentioned in the other reply. But the more sources, the better. I may be searching for a while.

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