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From: (Thomas Rueffer)
Subject: Re: [Ger-Sur] HEISER/HEUSER in (?) Zurceg
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 21:26:26 +0200
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Hi, Phyllis,

in case you haven't solved the Zurceg problem:

u: could a be an old German "e"?
rc: "c" is very untypical in Germany (at least without "k" or "h"
following), could it be instead of rc a "v" or "w"?
g: ??

No Zeveg, but a village called Zeven in Hanover.


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Subject: [Ger-Sur] HEISER/HEUSER in (?) Zurceg

> A naturalization which could possibly be for my gr gr grandfather,
> HEISER/HEUSER lists a town of ?Zurceg. I used Bentz's"If I Can, You Can
> Decipher German Records" to establish the first letter to be "Z".
> the GEO server, indicates no town of this name. I know he was born in
> Hannover( the Kingdom) and want to find out if this town is/was in the
> Kingdom of Hannover.
> Any help, suggestions appreciated.
> Phyllis Dearborn
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