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Subject: Re: [Ger-Sur] Stinglwagner
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:32:49 EDT

Hi Michele - I looked in about 10 different naming books - no Stinglwagner,
so I tend to agree with your theory - the name came from a place, after your
people left there for somewhere else to distinguish them from others having the
same given names. It would be most fascinating to dig around in history and
see what happened to this little place. War, fire, famine, drought, disease?
But !!! I found one reference (Hans Bahlow, 2002) to Stingl (Upper German,
meaning south) , see Stengel. Stengel: Stingel, Stenfl(ein); like Stengler,
one whose occupation involves the use of Stengel (stalks, stems), see
Hanfstengel; probably from the field name 'in der Stang'.

Meyers-Orts (1912 gazetteer) shows it as Stinglwager (no n), Ein. = deserted
locality, government district office and parish church, see Dieterburg.

It does not show on a 1993 Shell map, but Dieterburg does - and that's a tiny
place too. I would urge you to go to Don Watson's fantabulous site before
you try writing to Germany: Never mind the
Hessen - covers all of Germany.

Also, go to

And - go to a genealogical library with a German section, if you can.


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