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Subject: Re: [Ger-Sur] Re: Can the 1930 Census Record be Changed?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 02:37:53 -0800
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I can't resist, since you welcomed more..... As I recall, after the
following search, I was able to notify the transcribe provided (Ancestry ?)
of the mistake so they could correct it in their "search" database.

These ancestors married into my German lines.... the DAVISs. Since it
happened to be my Dad, still living, and his birth family, I knew exactly
where they were. I went crazy, since I couldn't find them on the 1920 IL
census. Turned out that the person transcribing the census, understandably,
entered the name as "MAVIS". The census taker had a very strange way of
writing a capitol "D". I finally found them when I just entered my Dad's 5
year old sister. She had an unusual first name at that time and I only
searched for it, without a last name. That is how I got it to pop up. I also
think that I got very lucky. Sometimes creative researching works......
Tricia M.

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Subject: [Ger-Sur] Re: Can the 1930 Census Record be Changed?

> Thank you everyone for your anecdotes and suggestions (more are welcome).
> I will send a compilation this weekend after the festivities.
> There have been good suggestions for what to do and what cannot be done.
> The best reaction so far is from DB - I think what we all feel:
> Some of those census takers should have been taken out
> behind the woodshed and ---
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