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From: Jeane Fuller Dalrymple <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 11:01:21 -0800 (PST)

Can any one on this list tell me where this name comes from? I have sent various spellings. Perhaps it is ahortened form of a much longer name. My grandmother Lillian (Lily Ann) Schwack Fuller. was the daughter of Herr Louis Schwack, blacksmith in the town and county seat, Steeleville, Crawford County, Missouri. He is buried in the town cemetery.
Besides my grandmother there two other girls and a son Louis(Jr).
I have not been able to trace that name on ships Lists or census ...Did he just drop out of space and land in Steeleville????
His wife is also a problem. Her first name was Elvira or Elmira, last name unknown, who was supposedly born in Kentucky or very close to Tennessee(according to my grandma she was never sure)...Also my grandma thought her mother was part Indian or maybe full blood....She could not read nor write and was not very talkative

These are things I picked up as a very young eavesdropper when Grandma was talking to my dad and his brothers .

She often hinted to me that the Indian was showing.

Can some help with this puzzle?

Many would be scantily clad if dressed in their own humility.

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