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From: "Alexandra Innes" <>
Subject: [GERMAN-SURNAMES] Background to my Ggrandmother's Philipp surname
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 02:01:43 -0800

Hello to fellow genealogists. My name is Alexandra Innes nee Schoenfeld, I
live in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

This city is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, a large island along
the west coast of Canada. Victoria, along with several small islands, is
one of the parts of Canada that lie below the 49th parallel. We are lucky
to have a modified Mediterrean climate---a week of snow maybe every 5 years
in the winter. Mostly it is rainy and sunny in the winter. Spring is
sometimes in February. Many times the early azaleas and rhododendrons start
blooming then. The winter blooming ornamental cherry trees send out a few
blossoms, no matter what the weather!

Now on to more serious matters. I have mentioned, that I know of, the
given names and surnames of any wives married to Philipp men

The mayor of Amtsberg, which includes several towns in its municipality,
very kindly gave me a typed list in German briefly outlining the owners of
Schloesschen Porschendorf. It all started in 1560 when Augustus, Elector of
Saxony gave the property, to eventually be known as Schloesschen
Porschendorf, to Jaegermeister Cornelius von Ruexleben, no blood relation
that I know of.

My Ggrandmother was Ottilie Seewald Ficker nee Philipp. Her family owned
Schloesschen Porschendorf [one of the names of the property] from 1790 until
1945 and later when reparation was made to the owners of property in
Mittlererzgebirge, Sachsen usurped by WWII.

At one time that family line also leased Scharfenstein Castle circa 1790. I
don't know the circumstances of the von Einsiedel owners at the time or what
the connection was with the Philipps. It could have been a connection by
marriage or neighbours helping out to run a business. There was a large
Einsiedel property WNW of Schloesschen Porschendorf so they were definitely
neighbours of an Einsiedel family.

I hope this background identifies the Philipp family to which I am related.
I am very interested to hear from Philipp descendants. There must be
hundreds by now. The earliest Philipp men that I know of were: Samuel
Gottlieb, Christian Gottlieb, Carl Friedrich August, all sons of Johann
Gottlieb Philipp a manufacturer in the 1760's in Freiberg, Saxony.

In 1836 Carl Friedrich August died and 3 Philipp brothers Carl Wilhelm
Alexander, Franz Augustin and Carl Anton owned Schloesschen Porschendorf by
1838. Carl Wilhelm Alexander was married to a Dietrich. I have not been
able to translate her given names.

In 1862 Carl Anton bought out Franz Augustin [last of the 3 brothers]. In
1889 Antonie Theresie, widow I believe of Carl Anton owned Schloesschen
Porschendorf. Then Curt Georg owned Schloesschen Porschendorf until his
death in 1926. Carl Franz Anton was the last owner from 1926 to 1945.

Schloesschen Porschendorf was occupied by German forces during WWII. In and
after 1945 that part of Germany was in the Soviet zone and the Soviets
destroyed all the buildings forming the courtyard. The only building left
standing was the Ritter Gut [or Manor house]. Carl Franz Anton's widow
received the reparation from the German Govt. and the last I heard she was
in a nursing home in Meissen.

I am hoping to hear from many, many descendants of this branch of the
Philipp family.
Write in any language! I have translation on my Google bar.

Hope my info is fairly clear. The dear people who have helped me only speak
and write German. They were in the Soviet zone and only German and Russian
were taught in school, so now persons of my age have little or no English.
And I can speak a little German, but translating? I use my Oxford
Eng.-German Dictionary.

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