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Subject: Re: [GERMAN-TEXAN] Our Heritage Quarterly - SAGHC
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 19:06:32 EDT

Sarah asks whether there is an index to Our Heritage, offline or online.

My answer: Kind of.

If your library has access to the genealogical database called PERSI, you
can search various items from all kinds of genealogical journals [quarterlies]

Through my large metropolitan library, I called up HeritageQuest [a
subscription service available to public libraries and perhaps some other
institutions, but not to individuals]. Many libraries in Texas have this online
database HeritageQust, and, in most cases [not all], you can access this database
from a remote computer.

I went to HQ. I chose PERSI [short name which I use - periodical index
but that is not its formal name]

Then I did a PLACE search for Texas, Bexar, and then I chose Vital records.

Here was an entry which appears in Our Heritage:

[Bexar Co.] births 1837-1892
Our Heritage San Antonio Spring 2000 Vol. 41 Iss. 3-4

If one lives in Texas, I suspect you can use this index and order the
selected pages from the San Antonio Historical and Genealogical Society in San
Antonio. (They used to have a PO box, and there is a library but open to members
only, I understand). Call the SAPL and ask if they have a mailing address
or telephone for SAHGS.

But I would check out my own local library were I in Texas, as many other
libraries must subscribe to this quarterly Our Heritage.

When I was a member of this society, I found many articles pertaining to
citizens [including my maternal grandparents' marriage] of surrounding counties.

Check out current issues of Our Heritage. It, the publication, had
deteriorated for a few years, and I quit being a member--when their historical
articles pertained to times when I was a young adult living in San Antonio--it
wasn't history, but memories to me. But--how times change!!

If I lived in San Antonio or visited there frequently, I would try to get to
the Central SA Public Library on Soledad Street and ask whether they have
back copies of Our Heritage. (And check the card catalog file for some old

If you cannot obtain the articles you want through the SAHGS, then you can,
for a fee, write to the Allen Co., Indiana Public Library at Fort Wayne, IN
and order a copy of the article(s) you desire. Acquaintances of mine who have
used this Library (which is in a new building, I understand, with open
shelves) tell me the turnaround time for PERSI articles is very short, and they
have been pleased with the service they receive.

Do a search for Allen County Public Library + Indiana, and see
what happens.


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