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From: "Lee Wilhite" <>
Subject: Early Missouri Wilhites
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 00:30:01 -0500

I was at the Independence, MO MidContinent Public Library's Genealogical Building recently, and ran across cemetery records of Sampson Wilhite and descendants --

The Wilhites listed below are known to have been residents of Huntsville or Moberly, MO (Randolph County) even though they are buried in Boone County, MO. The towns are just 10 miles apart, and are just north of Columbia, MO., which is in Boone County.

This information is from the book TOMBSTONE RECORDS OF BOONE CO., MO, by Mrs. E. E. Evans and Mrs. J. F. Thompson, genealogists from Columbia, MO. Copyrighted in 1933, it was reprinted in 1992 by the Genealogical Society of Central Missouri, P.O. Box 26, Columbia, MO, 65205.

The following data is among tombstones at the Walnut Grove Church Cemetery in Boone County, MO., at Section 16, Township 49, Range 14.

According to an introductory paragraph, The Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1835 of about 40 people who split off from the Old Bethel Baptist Church that was organized 6/29/1817, which was the first church in Boone County: Rev. Fielding Wilhite became the pastor there in 1829:

Wilhite, Sampson, b. Culpeper Co., Va., Mar 2, 1769, moved to Ky. 1788,

thence to Mo. 1818, d. Nov. 26, 1837.

(A note indicates he is one of the first two persons interred in this cemetery.)

>> The above matches the name and DOB of the Sampson Wilhite (#116) on p 57 and 84 of GR13 except for the birthdate of 2nd instead of 21st of March, an easy typographical error in one entry or the other.

Other relatives are identified in GR13, also.<<

Wilhite, William; d. Jan 2, 1872, age 76 yrs.

Wilhite, Precilla; wife of Wm., b. June 15, 1799, d. Jan 20, 1876.

Wilhite, Elizabeth; dau. of Wm., d. Nov. 19, 1867, age 30 yrs.

Wilhite, Stephen; d. Oct. 4, 1867, age 70 yrs.

Wilhite, Sally; wife of Stephen, d. May 8, 1863, age 62 yrs.

Wilhite, John S.; d. Oct. 27, 1861, age 32 yrs. son of Stephen.

Wilhite, Rev. Fielding; b. Mercer Co. Ky., Apr 14, 1799, d. Oct. 14, 1874 -- or 1864? - the tens digit has been overstruck)

Wilhite, Elizabeth McQuitty; wife of Rev. F., b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 24, 1802, d. Feb 28, 1874, age 71 yrs. 3 m. 4 d.

Wilhite, John S.; d. June 17, 1887, age 67 yrs. 10 m. 20 d.

Wilhite, Nancy B.; b. Feb 18, 1824, d. May 1, 1903.

Wilhite, R. S.; b. Feb 22, 1822, d. Mar 9, 1903.

Wilhite, Willie; son of R.S., b. Jan 12, 1855, d. July 7, 1887.

Wilhite, Andrew N.; d. July 3, 1870, age 46 yrs. 6 m. 24 d.

Wilhite, Mary Ann; wife of A.N., d. May 8, 1907, age 80 yrs. 9 mo.

Wilhite, W. R.; b. Apr 13, 1830, d. Oct 7, 1905.

Wilhite, Sallie F.; wife of W.R., b. Apr 8, 1828, d. Sept. 2, 1856.

Wilhite, Sampson L.; b. May 11, 1825, d. Jan 12, 1892.

Wilhite, Sarah; b. Aug. 1, 1835, d. Jan 12, 1892. (NOTE: Same date of death as line above)

Wilhite, James F.; son of Rev. F., b. June 18, 1829, d. Mar. 22, 1875.

Wilhite, Mary A. Hughs; wife of J. F., b. July 14, 1829, d. Dec. 4, 1882.

Wilhite, David H.; son of A.N. and M.A., b. Nov. 12, 1847.

Wilhite, Alice; dau. of J.C. & E.A. McKinney, wife of David Wilhite, b. Jan. 5, 1854, d. Mar. 9, 1923.

Woods, Julia A. Wilhite, wife of James D. Woods, dec. dau. of Fielding and Elizabeth Wilhite, d. May 17, 1868, age 46 yrs. 5 m. 1 d.

Note: There was also a William Connell Wilhite in Huntsville at the same time period as those Wilhites listed above. He is from a different branch of the Johann Michael Wilheit tree. See his father, Eleazer, #964 on p.101 of GR13. He was a brother of my grandfather Alvin Wilhite, Sr., and is listed in Paxton's Annals of Platte County, MO on page 703 as living in Huntsville, MO.

According to the book 'Old Families of Randolph County, Missouri', page 220, Wm. C. was the husband of Mildred Mayo Wilhite, who would have been his 2nd wife, his first being Elvira Skillman, whom he married Nov. 28, 1866 in Platte County, MO.

On pages 339-340 of the same book is:


Virgil W. Wilhite was born May 10, 1882 in Boone County, Missouri. His parents were David Hickman Wilhite and Alice McKinney Wilhite. His great-great-grandfather, Sampson Wilhite and his wife Hannah Jackman came to Missouri in 1818 from Virginia. His great-grandparents were Fielding Wilhite, a Baptist Minister, and Elizabeth McQuitty Wilhite. His grandparents were Andrew N. Wilhite and Mary Anne Jackson. On his mother's side his great-great-grandfather, James Bryan came to Missouri with Daniel Boone. James Bryan and his wife were killed and their children were reared by Daniel Boone and his wife. One of them was Jonathon Bryan, who was the father of Nancy Bryan who married Alexander McKinney. They were the parents of John McKinney, whose second wife was Elizabeth Jackman Tutt. They were the parents of Virgil's mother, Alice McKinney.

Virgil Wilhite attended a country school, Roachport (Rocheport) High School and graduated from the North Missouri Military Academy. He worked three years in the old National Bank of Commerce in Kansas City before coming to Moberly in 1905 to join the Mechanics Bank (now Commerce Bank of Moberly). He started as a bookkeeper and held offices of Cashier, Vice-President, President and Chairman of the Board until his death.

Virgil was an active member of the First Baptist Church. He was elected Deacon in 1916, was treasurer for many years and became an honorary Deacon in 1960.

Mr. Wilhite was a member of Masonic Orders through Knights Templar. In 1961 he received his 50 year pin as a member of Royal Arch Masons and in 1971 a 60 year pin from the Tancred Commandery No. 25. He was President of Rotary and Director of the Moberly Chamber of Commerce. During World War II he was Treasurer of the Moberly Community Chest. He was active in Boy Scouts and received the coveted Silver Beaver Award. He married Miss Julia Pfeiffer of Excelsior Springs in 1913. Their son, Jack after graduating from M.U. married Dorothy Sue Parks. They have two children; Natalie and David. Natalie married Michael W. Thweatt. They have a son, Christopher Michael. Jack is now a minister in an Episcopal church in Memphis, Tennessee. Virgil Wilhite's first wife died in 1949. He married Miss Kate Stamper March 3, 1951. Virgil died January 28, 1975."

As a final comment, I met in 1950 a Wilhite gentleman in Moberly while I was a college student at Missouri Valley College, Marshall, MO. My brother, Alan, and I were half of a male quartette that provided the entertainment at a Rotary Club dinner there. Afterward, a Mr. Wilhite introduced himself to me and wondered if we might be related. Not being up-to-date on things genealogical at that time, I didn't know; but I could tell by looking at him that it was highly likely. He was a very nicely dressed man, nicely proportioned, small of stature (under 5', I think), and he looked so much like my father's brother Alvin Jr. that I had no doubt. They could have been cast in the same mold. Also, he had a habit of tapping the tips of his fingers together as we talked that was identical to that of my Uncle Alvin's.

It had to have been either Virgil Wilhite or a son of William C. Wilhite. According to 'Old Families of Randolph County' there were 5 boys in William C./Mildred Mayo Wilhite's family, but I know only their names, no dates, nothing of their occupations. Can anyone provide additional information?

Lee Wilhite

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g of their occupations. Can anyone provide =
additional information?

Lee Wilhite

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