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Hi John
Could the other name variations for Sauter be closer to Sauer or Sower?
I have a Johan Phillip Sauer
as a ggggg grandfather. I do understand that the Sauer name is very
common in Germany. Although
there must have been a Sauer in Schwaigern or close by as my notes say
that Hans Jerg Hoffarth b 1674
Schwaigern married Margaretha Most, daughter of Marx Most and Susanna Sauer.

I also wondered if you could say that Schwaigern is in Neckarkreis in
Wurttemberg? I have been told
that the county or district of Neckarkreis was located on the west of
Stuttgart but simply can't find any
maps to show the location. I did see once Schwaigern written
..........Schwaigern, Neckar, Wurttemberg
and thought Neckar might be short for Neckarkreis.
Thanks much

John Blankenbaker wrote:
> The eight hundred and twenty-first note in a series on the Germanna Colonies
> The attempt now is to survey the people who came in the period 1730 to
> perhaps 1750 into the Robinson River Valley or the area to the north. One
> person, who came earlier than this is George Lang (Long or Lung) who might
> even be counted as a Second Colony member. On his proof of importation he
> said he came in 1717 with his wife Rebecca and in 1731 he patented 300 acres
> of land on the Robinson River watershed. The land was stated to be adjacent
> to Andrew Kerker, J. Huffman, and M. Castler. Most of the Second Colony
> members received their land in 1726 so this patent which is five years after
> the others casts some doubt that he was a member of the Second Colony. He
> deeded land to Michael Russell (Rossel?) and to Martin Hirsch. His
> associations always seem to be with Germans so he probably was also. It
> would be unusual for a simple name like the English Long to be widely
> misspelled as his is. He said that he came on the ship Mulberry but I would
> not feel happy saying this was the ship the Second Colony came on. He
> probably came separately from the Second Colony and had a different history
> prior to settling down in the Robinson River Valley. The Germans simplified
> their history at the courthouse and skipped details.
> Jacob Manspeil patented land in 1734 on Deep Run. Apparently he came as a
> bachelor for he paid for his land with eight headrights, his own, Jacob
> Broyle, Rose Paulitz, Susanna Hance, Peter Hance, Margaret Hance, Catherine
> Hance, and Adam Hance. This is a varied set which has no Manspiels except
> himself. If I were studying his history I would not forget these names. The
> surname Hance may be a bit of a challenge. A tentative village has been put
> forth for Manspeil but his identity is not certain.
> Jacob Miller lived next to Adam Yager on Mt. Pony. He was naturalized in
> 1742/3. Very little is known about the man except that he appears with a
> wife Rebecca in deeds.
> George Adam Raüser came to America from Germany in 1754. He lived for a
> while in New Jersey before moving to Virginia. It has been of interest to me
> that the ship bringing the Garrs in 1732 also brought a Georg Adam Riser and
> Hans Georg Riser (as well as a Hans Michael Criger). I have wondered if
> there was a reason here for the Raüsers to come to Virginia. Did they know
> the Garrs?
> With the lack of good solid information, it is easy to get carried away with
> speculation. The ship that brought the Garrs also brought Joh. Christian
> Shultz, age 30, who is identified on the passenger manifest as a Christian
> minister. This is the man who ordained both Johann Caspar Stövers (the
> father became the minister of the German Lutheran Church on the Robinson
> River). Had the Garrs become acquainted with Schultz and through him learned
> of the Lutheran congregation in Virginia? People have moved for lesser
> reasons than this.
> The same ship also brought John Philip Sauter (Souther) and Hans Georg Kuntz
> and two other men with variations of these surnames. We could populate the
> colony with the names we find!
> John Blankenbaker ()
> P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120 USA
> for information on a CD of the Germanna History
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