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The seventeen hundred and twenty-seventh note in a series on the Germanna

One of the rarer names in the Hebron baptismal records is Gerret or
Garriott. On one occasion Ambrosius Gerret and his wife Elizabeth brought
Jacob, born 9 Oct 1777, for baptism on 17 Nov 1777. The sponsors were John
Dear and wife Maria, Samuel Blankenbaker, and Elizabeth Gaar.

It would not be immediately obvious that Ambrosius was a Garriott but other
records clarify the name. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob Blankenbaker,
the son of the 1717 immigrant John Nicholas Blankenbaker. Maria, the wife
of John Dear, was a Blankenbaker and a cousin of Elizabeth. Samuel was
Elizabeth's brother and Elizabeth Gaar was her cousin.

From other records, I have that Lewis Rouse married Elisabeth Garriott and
they brought Patty for baptism on 30 Mar 1788. The sponsors were George
Rouse, his brother, Maria Weaver Rouse, who probably is his sister-in-law
(she married Samuel Rouse), and Maria Rouse Tanner who was his sister who
married Frederick Tanner.

The appearance of the Garriott name in the Robinson River Valley has led me
to pay some attention to Garriott family histories. The only history that I
found in a formal printing is not worth the paper it is on. Beware of the
histories of this family.

I have made some notes over the course of time. Highlights are:
Lewis Rouse (*1756) m. Elisabeth Garriott, d/o James Garriott. Moved to
Henderson Co., KY.
Ambrose Garriott m. Elizabeth Blankenbaker (*1752).
James Shirley m. Judith Garriott. Their daughter Elizabeth m. William
Wilhoite (*c1741).
Margaret Wilhoite (*c1792) m. William Loving Garriott.
Ambrose Garrett m. Ella Wilhoit in 1877.
James Garrett m. Lydia Haynes in Culpeper Co. Two children born there,
moved to Tate Co., MS.
Parents of Ambrose Garriott were Jonathon Garriott and Sarah. Jonathon's
parents were John S. Garriott and Catherine.
James Yowell m. Nancy Ann Shirley, the d/o James Shirley & Judith Garriott.
Judith was the d/o Moses Garriott.
Thomas Garriott (*1758) m. Ann Cully/Curry.
Mary Garriott (d/o Thomas) m. Philip Bunger, Sr.
Barbara Garriott (d/o Thomas) m. Henry Bunger
Levina (d/o Thomas) m. Joseph Good in Madison Co. by Rev. Carpenter.

The Garriotts have interacted enough with the Germanna families that they
ought to be included in the Germanna history. Probably the Garriotts
themselves were not German. Their nationality is uncertain. Some members of
the family changed the spelling to Garrett, the way that the clerks often
spelled it.

John Blankenbaker

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