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From: "Rausch" <>
Subject: Trimble Co., KY COURT ORDER BOOK 1 - VOLUME TWO
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:11:32 -0800


From Trimble Co., KY website:
Trimble Co., KY Court Order Book 1, V 1(March 1837 thru December 1843)
Names appearing 5 or more times:
Washington Toombs, William Toombs
William Woods, George Wright, John Wright, Robert Wright, Wesley J. Wright
James F. H. Young, James L. Young, Tavner B. Young, William E. Young

Names appearing 4 times or less:
Elijah Holtsclaw, George Spillman, James Spillman, Miss Spillman, William Spillman, Ezekiel Spilman, Francis Spilman, James Spilman, John Spilman
C. G. Wright, Doctor Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Ellis G. Wright, Ellis S. Wright, James J. Wright, Jane Wright, Lane Wright, Matilda Wright, Mrs. Wright, Polly Wright, Reason Wright, William B. Wright, William G. Wright
Thomas Yager, G. S. Young, James J. Young, James S. Young, Kindred Younger

These names are from the index of the Trimble Co., KY Court Order Book 1 - Vol. 2 (January 1844 thru February 1850) Cost: $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling - same for both books :
George Spillman, Thomas Spillman
Thomas Yeager, James Young, Tavner B. Young The names are listed on 5 or more pages.

Names appearing on 4 or less pages:
Jacob Yeager, Joseph C Yeager, Leroy Yeager, Lewis Yeager, Y. C. Yeager, John H. Young, Lewis B. Young
Elijah Holtsclaw, Thomas Holtsclaw
Frank Spillman, William Spillman, Charles Spilman, Ezekiel Spilman, Francis Spilman, George Spilman, James Spilman, Zachariah Spilman, Mary R. Vawter, William H. Vawter.

I only copied the names most likely from Germanna. There are many more names.
I hope this helps someone on the list.

Anita Schmidt

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