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Subject: Re: [GERMANNA] Erkenbrecht in Daudenzell and Flinsbach
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 20:40:10 EDT

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The Erkenbrecht family has 14 births in the baptismal records of Flinsbach
(1596-1661). After that the church registers have no other entries of the
Erkenbrecht family. Do you have when the Erkenbrecht family first showed up in

Cary, This are my only notes on the early family

Hans Georg ERCHENBRECHT, son of Hans Adam and his wife Anna Catharina
SHILLING from Breitenbronn (in what is now Germany), was baptised at the Sinsheim
Lutheran Church on 20 December 1687. Earlier that same year his brother
Hans Leonhardt was baptized there on 23 April 1687.

The parents of Hans Leonardt and Hans Georg married 18 Feb1684 and both died
ten years later in 1694.

The paternal grandparents of Hans Leonhardt and Hans Georg were Hans
ERKENBRECHT der Junge who died on 28 April 1661 and his wife Anna who died 2 January

The maternal grandparents of Leonhardt and George were C SCHILLING and his
wife Anna.

Hans, the Junger, Erckenbrecht, b. 24 Nov 1614 was the son of Peter
Erckhenbrecht. The church records of Daudenzell do not go back far enough to give
any data about his birth, but his marriage recorded has his father as Peter
Erckhenbrecht who m. 14 Feb 1608, Margretha Ackermann, Daudenzell.

Hans Leonhardt ERCHENBRECHT and his wife Maria Catharina are found in the
Rhinebeck Lutheran Church book records in Dutchess County, New York as early
as 1734. Hans Georg and his family settled in Pennsylvania in 1732.

The SINSHEIM LUTHERAN CHURCH BOOK tells us that on 18 January 1707 Hans
Georg ERCHENBRECHT, son of the late Hans Adam ERCHENBRECHT of Daudenzell,
married Ursula, daughter of David METZGER of Steinsfurt. She was born c.1690 at
Steinsfurt, Northern Kraichgau.

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