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Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2009 16:59:27 -0500
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For the first time, I questioned just what exactly you are saying.

However, and the Latter Day Saints Church is miles apart.
Ancestry came out of the Accelerted Indexing Systems, a purely commercial
outfit. There was a fight between the two men who founded the firm. Some
of the material went one direction and some the other. formed and made a deal with the Family History Center in Salt
Lake City, clearly connected with the LDS church. The Family History Center
had indexed the 1880 census. Ancestry requested permission to use that
index. In return, Ancestry permitted all Branch Family History Centers of
the LDS church to have free access to Ancestry. sold out. The new owner promptly withdrew the free access to
Ancestry from the Family History Centers at the LDS stake buildings.
Therefore, Family History Centers no longer have free access to search Neither have they subscribed to obtain access.

Whether or not the LDS are one and the same with other genealogical research
groups should not matter one iota.

I have been using the LDS genealogical facilities both in SLC and elsewhere.
My first 10 day trip to Salt Lake City was in 1968. I have make at least 4
others--two for a month each time. I am not LDS member, but have had nothing
but tremendous assistance from them. Religion has never been mention, nor
has there ever been any attempt to initiate conversations with me about the
LDS religion.

I had a Temple worker as a full 10 hour guide on my first visit as a
courtesy from a relative of a friend of mine. The fellow could not have been
nicer. He even let me smoke in his automobile!

No, I've not been brainwashed. Just a frozen, chosen Episcopalian. (:>)!


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From: "George W. Durman"
> Craig, are you really that naive? is not associated with
> the LDS Church? Oh, Boy! The old "The Generations Network" is
> not one and the same as the LDS? With the new name "",
> they're not the same as the LDS? If you sleep with them, then they're
> your family!
> Sarge
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