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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:39:30 EDT

Here is an attempt to explain it as easy as possible (from what I have so
far) that might be up for discussion.
First, the Will of Jacob MILLER the husband of Barbara (soon to be
Barbara OTT the wife of Henry OTT). Their proven children by this will are:

Ulrich aka Wolrick (1735-)
Jacob (1737-1777)
Barbara (1739-1814)
Susannah (1743-)
Christian (1744-1836)
Mary (1745-)
Martin (1747-)

"Frederick County, Virginia Will Book No. 3"
Page 339
Will: 24 Feb 1760
Probated: 3 Jun 1766
Named as his wife: Barbara to enjoy his entire estate. After her death to
be divided among his children.
Named as his children: Ulrich, to receive 100 pounds less; Jacob, Jr. to
receive 50 pounds less; Barbara; Christian; Susannnah; Mary and Martin
MILLER; rest to receive a full amount of his estate.
Signed by Jacob "M" MILLER
Executor: Barbara MILLER, wife.
Witnesses: George DEACON, Adam YEAGER, John COOK and Henry OTT.
Page 349
Inventory: 5 Aug 1766, 5 Aug 1766
Value of estate given as the sum of 527 pounds, 3 shillings, 1 pence for
book debts, crops, farming utensils, horses, household items and furniture,
notes and stock.
Report taken by George SELLER, Sr., George SELLER, Jr. and Henry FRAVELL
Received by J. A. KEITH, CC

Second, the Will of Jacob MILLER, Jr. (1737-1777). I believe that his
wife Rebecca was the daughter of Adam YEAGER.
The two you spoke of that sold the Piney Woods land in Madison County
to Piney Woods, John YEAGER in 1772.
I need the deed information to this land if anyone is willing to share

"Shenandoah County, Virginia Will Book A"
Page 116
Jacob MILLER of Dunsmore County (now Shenandoah County)
Will: 1 Nov 1776
Probated: 25 Mar 1777
Named as his wife: Rebecca to have my lot in the Town of Woodstock, Number
Named as his sons: Joseph and Henry.
Named as his daughters: Susana, Barbara and Rebecca
Executors: Henry OTT and Joseph YEAGER
Witnesses: John BROWN, Antony NISELY and Thomas DEMPSEY

Third, the deed of Mary MILLER and her husband Palser HOOVER. Proof of
her marriage to him.
I need to know if she married twice, another time to John YEAGER?

"Shenandoah County, Virginia Deed Book K"
Page 72
27 Oct 1795
Between Palser HOOVER and Mary his wife of County of Greenbrier to Abraham
BREWBAKER, Junior of Shenandoah County --- whereas Jacob MILLER, deceased
to the said Mary HOOVER did by his last will and testament --- devised and
bequeathed that all his estate should be divided among the Legatees --- and
whereas Henry OTT and Barbara his wife late Barbara MILLER, sole executrix
of said Jacob MILLER, deceased and Ulrick MILLER, eldest son and
heir-at-law of said decedent did by their certain Incenture the 2nd of March 1772 se
ll and confirm unto Abraham BREWBAKER, Senior all the lands therein
mentioned, except one hundred and sixty acres, --- said Palser HOOVER and Mary his
wife for and in consideration of twenty five pounds --- paid by Abraham
BREWBAKER, Junior --- have bargain and sold release our claim to the several
tract of lands, except the aforesaid one hundred and sixty acres ---
Signed by _____(German signature) and Mary "X" HOOVER
Witnesses: none
Recorded: 9 Dec 1795

Fourth, a deed and a will which shows that Barbara was the wife of
Did she marry again to a Joseph YEAGER, the son of Adam YEAGER?
Who is this Michael OTT, a son to Henry OTT?

"Shenandoah County, Virginia Deed Book L"
Page 351
____June 1798
Between Joseph MILLER of the County of Shenandoah to Michael OTT of County
aforesaid --- witness that said Joseph MILLER for securing the payment of
two hundred and sixty eight pounds six shillins with interest --- which he
is justly indebted to Mathias ZEHRING and in consideration of one dollar
--- release and confirm unto said Michael OTT in Trust one tract of land
lying and being in said county being the same which was conveyed to the said
Joseph MILLER by Abraham BRUBAKER, Senior and Barbara his wife by their deed
--- containing one hundred and fifty six acres ---
Signed by Joseph MILLER
Witnesses: Daniel SMITH; John CROUDSON; Charles VIVION
Recorded: 10 Oct 1798

"Shenandoah County, Virginia Will Book F"
Page 265
Will: 20 Nov 1804
Probated: 10 Dec 1804
Abraham BRUBAKER, Senior of Shenandoah County, farmer.
Named as his wife: Barbara
Named as his son: Abraham to have the plantation where he now lives
adjoining the town of Woodstock.
Named as his son: John to have home plantation where I now live.
Named as his son: Peter to have plantation adjoining my old place which I
purchased of Samuel STOVER.
Named as his daughter: Barbara, deceased and Barbara's heirs to have the
Mill and plantation below the Town of Woodstock.
Named as his daughter: Elizabeth to have several tracts of land lying in
County of Rockingham.
Named as his daughters: Susanna; Catharina; Christina; Anna Maria.
Mentions: land on top of Blue Ridge in County of Culpeper to be sold.
Executors: Isaac STRICKLER, his son-in-law and John ROADS
Witnesses: Levi KEENAN and Samuel STRICKLER

Christian was married to Christina WISEMAN and Susannah was married to
After Jacob MILLER, Sr.'s death, his widow Barbara and her new husband
Henry OTT sell off the Woodstock lots and so forth. So there is loads of
documentation there.

I would like to put the YEAGER marriages into this part of the MILLER
family, in my records, if they occurred or determine that they never happened.

I don't know if any of this helps. Betty probably knows the particulars
concerning this part of the MILLER family.


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