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Subject: [GERMANNA] Lewis Fisher
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Don, lots of Germanna names in this family tree. My Thomas family was right there in the midst of all of them in KY also. I only have this brief outline but I am sure others have more complete files. Just my Fisher notes from years ago in case anyone finds any thing of interest

Descendants of Lewis Fisher

1 Lewis Fisher
. +Anna Barbara Blankenbuhler Father: Hans Balthazar Blanckenbühler Mother: Anne Margaret
...... 2 Stephen Fisher d: Abt. October 1817
.......... +Mary Magdalena Garr d: Aft. October 1817 Father: John Adam Garr Mother: Elizabeth Kaifer
...... 2 Adam Fisher
.......... +Elizabeth Garr
...... 2 Barnett Fisher
.......... +Eve Wilhoit
...... 2 Eve Fisher
.......... +Mark Finks, Jr.
...... 2 Mary Margaret Fisher
.......... +Nicholas Wilhoit

From Early Days in Danville, by Calvin Morgan Fackler, "It appears to
have been a rendezvous for our early settlers ("It" being Stephen
Fisher's Garrison), especially the Yeagers, Garrs, Wilhoits, and other
Germans who were, likely, induced by him to migrate....."
The Fisher's include Stephen and wife Mary Magdalene Garr and 10
children, Adam Fisher and wife Elizabeth Garr. Cornelius Yager, son
of Nicholas Yager and Susannah Wilhoit, and wife Elizabeth Fisher were
also in Mercer County.
Danville, at the time, was in Mercer County.

1.) Entry #: 824 Date: 10/19/1780 Book: 1 Page: 86 Name: Crow, John
Acres: 1000 Type of WT: Preemption WaterCourse: Dick's River
Adjoined Wm. Fields on the northwest, James Brown on the south, Henry Thomas on the north, John G. Jones on the northeast, Stephen Fisher on the east and Wm. Crow on east to extend south.

Henry Thomas founded Thomas Station --

Warrant # 1001 Settlement and preemtion 2-24-1780 Kentucky Co., VA
Henry Thomas 1000 acres and 400 acres on Stewarts Creek which empties into the Salt River on account of raising a crop of corn in 1776 assigned to Stephen Fisher who paid 400 pounds on June 29, 1780

On May 19th, 1791 Stephen Fisher Sr. deeded one acre of land near his Station to Adam Smith, Adam Fisher and Nicholas Wilhite. On June 4th 1791, Harry Innes deeded another adjoining acre to the same people for the property where ‘The Old Dutch Meeting House” stands. Smith, Fisher and Wilhite were listed as “Church Elders for the time being”. The church was a grandchild of the “High German Lutheran” church established by these early German settlers at Fisher’s Garrison in now Boyle County, near Danville. Source: Early days of Danville, by Calvin Morgan Fackler, p. 152. It is noted in Fackler’s book that this church was actually built years before but no deed had yet been officially conveyed for the property. “The consideration was nominal, one shilling and five shillings”. Harry Innes was in the process of selling the surrounding land and thus the urgency to deed the property to the Germans.

Connie Allen <> Thu, 12 Apr 2001

I am seeking info on John Bigler/Beegler/Beigler and his wife, Agnes/Aggy/Agatha Fisher. Aggy was born 21 March 1776 in Culpepper Co., Va. to Stephen Fisher, Sr. and his wife, Mary Magdalene Garr. The family moved to Ky c1778. Stephen built Fisher's Station. Aggy joined the Shawnee Run Baptist Church in 1801. John Bigler appears on the 1810 Census for Mercer Co. Then I lose them. Any inof on these families would be appreciated!

[p.116] Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson Thomas.
DAR ID Number: 46253
Born in Memphis, Tenn.
Wife of W. Augustus Thomas.
Descendant of Capt. John Paxton and of Adam Fisher.
Daughter of William McKendrew Patterson and Delia M. Morrison, his wife.
Granddaughter of S. G. Patterson and Elizabeth E. Paxton, his wife; John Wilburn Morrison and Elizabeth M. Kalfus, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of James Alexander Paxton and Mary Huff, his wife; Simeon N. Kalfus and Ann Walker Robinson. his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of John Paxton and Elizabeth Logan, his wife; Henry Frederick Kalfus and Ann Fisher, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of John Paxton and Phœbe Alexander, his wife; Adam Fisher and Elizabeth Garr, his wife.
John Paxton (1743-87) commanded a company which he organized in Rockbridge County, Va.
Adam Fisher (1740-1812) enlisted as a private in the first regiment from Culpeper County, Va.

Sharon Zimmerman <> Mon, 08 Jun 1998
Adam Fisher, who died in 1812 in Danville in Mercer County was a veteran of the First Culpeper County company in the Revolutionary War. He was married to Elizabeth Garr. Their daughter Ann Fisher married Henry Frederick Kalfus. I know that a distant cousin Mattie Fisher created a family tree for her father, Colonel Jason A. Fisher in 1890. She later married a widower and became Mattie Gashwiler in Danville.
I would be interested in finding information on any of them.

>From "Marriage Bonds and Consents 1786-1810 Mercer County, Kentucky", by Alma Ray Sanders Ison and Rebecca Wilson Conover; 1982 ..........

29 Nov 1796 Mercer Co., Ky
William Meredith m. Margaret Bryell
Bondsman: John Dine (could this be Devine???)
Consent: Adam fisher certifies that the bride is 21 years old and that her guardian is William Fisher
Wit: Frederick Kelso and Lewis Fisher

Cary Schooling Campbell <> Thu, 22 Oct 1998
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I am descendant from Susannah Fisher (Daughter of Adam Fisher and Elizabeth Garr) and Joseph Schooling who were married in Mercer Co., KY March 15, 1791. I have alot of information to share on the GARR, FISHER, BLANKENBAKER, SCHOOLING family lines and would love to add more to my collection!! If you are related, PLEASE CONTACT ME!
Thank you, Cary Schooling Campbell

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Dear Fellow Germanna Posters and Descendants:

I took Virginia Nuta's original query to mean "is the new White House
Chief of Staff (named Rouse) "one of us" i.e., a Germanna descendant? I
absolutely hope they ARE for one reason only, how wonderful if a
descendant of Germans who came to this country rose to the senior
leadership position of that job.

Let none of us deceive ourselves that because we're all Germanna
descendants there's necessarily any unity of political view. In my own
immediately family there's a wide divergence of political views and some
would agree with the White House of today and others would not. Isn't
that the American way -- and wouldn't our Germanna ancestors be proud of
that? I think so.

I simply took the initial query as wondering if that was a Germanna
Rouse descandant.

On a similar but different note, I was doing research on a Kentucky
historical marker in the community where I live (Danville, Kentucky)
entitled "Fisher's Garrison" and found that it had been started in about
1779 by Stephen Fisher, a Virginia Revolutionary War veteran who
returned to Kentucky following his military service. His wife, I
believe was a descendant of parents who were in the group of the Second
Germanna Colony. Fantastic.

Don Rightmyer


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Our country is very divided politically now, it is better those
not impact this list serve.

In a message dated 11/8/2010 11:52:25 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,

Okay, everyone....

In every extended family, there are those with who we agree politically
those with who we vehemently disagree; however, they are all FAMILY.
should not impose political views over connection status. Although I
not agree with any given cousin's political views, I respect their
especially if they have attained a position such as Chief of Staff at
White House.

Goodness knows, there have been such family political disagreements
back......wayyyy back.....

So, I try to respect all and not let political differences becomes
to getting to know my family!

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> Me too!
> Sarge
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> >Virginia, I sure hope not
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> >Anita--
> >
> >By any chance, do you know if the new White House Chief of Staff,
is a
> >Rouse, is "one of us?"
> >
> >Virginia Nuta

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