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Subject: Re: [GERMANS-VA] Edmund Thomas and Catherine Thomas Holtzclaw
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 11:40:25 -0500 (EST)
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I found the 1763 deeds from Catherine Thomas, and her son, Jacob Thomas, to Zachariah Lewis while researching the Holtzclaw home, Ashlawn/Ashland, many years ago. It took me a while to piece it all together, but I did, only to find that the land the house is on was originally owned by the Martin family, which opens up a whole nuther can of worms with no direct proof of Martin/Thomas marriages! But, somehow, Joseph Thomas was in possession of the land that included Ashlawn/Ashland and he sold it to Joseph Holtzclaw in 1768. The conjecture is that Jacob Thomas, the son of Edmund and Catherine Thomas, married Mary Martin. Her father, Joseph Martin, purchased 327 acres of land for his two young children in 1728/29 and that is the land that Joseph and Catey Thomas sold to Joseph Holtzclaw in 1768, at least it was half of the 327 acres, 163 acres of land.

The deeds from 1763 are very interesting because they do state the original land grant date to Catherine Thomas's husband and I have found it very interesting that Catherine didn't give her Thomas husband's first name at that time, it's left blank, i.e., ________Thomas!!! The deed can be found in Fauquier Co. Deed Book 1, pg. 414 and gives us the clues as to the fact that the land was originally patented by Catherine's husband in 1727/28:

"Grant, Demise and to Farm Let unto the said ZachariasLewis a Certain Tract of Parcel of Land situate in the Parish of Hamilton inthe County aforesaid containing three hundred acres more or less and is theland that was granted unto the said Catherine Holtzclaw by the name ofCatherine Thomas of Stafford County she then being the Widow and relict of _________Thomas decd by patent from the Proprietors Office of the Northern Neck ofVirginia bearing Date the 22d day of January 1727/8."

Catherine sold her land to Zachariah Lewis on the same day that her son, Jacob Thomas, sold his land to Zachariah Lewis. The land was originally owned by Edmund Thomas and it consisted of 615 acres, it was located near to the Germantown tract and next to the land of Robert "King" Carter. All very interesting!!

Barb Price

Edmund Thomas died sometime around 1726 as inferred from his warrant/survey
and the subsequent grant to Catherine [MNU] Thomas. The selling of the this
land in 1763 proves there was a son named Jacob Thomas. It has been guessed
that Catherine married John Holtzclaw around 1730 which is plausible since
he would have been 21 in that year; however, no direct evidence exists to
support the date of the marriage.


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