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Subject: Re: [G-P-L] Civil War Pension Records
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 19:58:47 -0800
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Thank you for your input. I have two civil war cards with possibilities:
1) Horning, Alois H-173 PDM 4 - 1208
this card was followed by a brother of my grandfather: Horning Henry B-2A
3 - 1075 2) was for Horning, John E-3 Inf.Mil.'62 5 - 1154. Although his
first name was Joannas his middle initial was A and his wife was Marie
Margarette Theresa Reinhardt. I have no idea of what the numbers stand for
if you can help I thank you very much.
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Subject: Re: [G-P-L] Civil War Pension Records

> Hello Marie and Julie,
> If you are members of, you can find both the Civil War
> Records and the Civil
> War Pension Index - General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934 on line.
> Here's the scoop:
> The Civil War Records are used to determine which Military
> Unit/Company/State/Union/Confederate your ancestor served in. Once you
> have this info jotted
> down, you move to the General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934.
> Mind you all this is preliminary data gathering in preparation of getting
> a copy of
> everything that is in the PENSION FILE.
> I used "John Hornung" as my test object.
> When I entered "John Hornung" 2 men by the same name came up, one was from
> Michigan with a
> wife named 'Barbara', the other one was from New Jersey with a wife named
> Solome.
> I then clicked on the John Hornung from Michigan:
> The image that comes up provides the following information:
> Name: Hornung, John
> ......Widow: Hornung, Barbara
> ......Co. F 10 Illinois Inf.
> ......Co. A 4 U.d.R.C. Ill. Inf. (difficult to read)
> Date of files:
> 1890 Sep 12 - Filed by Invalid (this would be John)Application No. 822363
> Certificate: 676231, State in which filed: Michigan
> 1921 Apr 2 - Filed by Widow (Barbara) Application No. 1172303
> Certificate: 911.845, State in which filed: Michigan
> ............ Filed by Minor - blank
> What this example tells us is that John Hornung filed for his Civil War
> pension on 12 Sep
> 1890 under the aforementioned application number;
> Apparently, John Hornung died on or prior to April 2, 1921, as this is the
> date on which his
> wife Barbara filed for pension benefits due to her, following the death of
> her husband.
> Had there also been a minor child, his name and application number would
> have been listed on
> the line where it says "Filed by Minor", which in this case is left blank.
> It is these PENSION FILES that you want to order from the NARA as they
> contain letters
> written by John when he applied for his pension and letters written by
> Barbara stating that
> her hsuband has died and that she now is entitled to her husbands
> benefits. In these files
> is where you find much personal family information, photos, statements
> from neighbors or
> relatives, etc.
> You need the Military Service Records only to determine details about his
> military service.
> Now, if you tell me the names of your Hornung/Horning ancestors and their
> wives, and whether
> they served on the Union or Confederate side, and in which State/County
> they lived/served, I
> may be able to get you the application numbers from the Pension files
> available on-line.
> I've tried to write this as clearly as I could, if you still have
> questions, please feel
> free to contact me.
> Ursula from Michigan
> Marie Van Laeys wrote:
>> Hello Julie
>> I saw your post on John Hornung (civil war info). Where did your John
>> live
>> during the civil war. My gggrand father was John or Johannas Hornung
>> living
>> in Schuylkill County PA. He died in 1862 but the tomb stone is very
>> badly
>> worn and I can't make out the month. His last daughter was born in 1862
>> (Pauline). He was born in 1823 and came to the US in 1844 on the ship
>> Rose
>> into New York City. The spelling seems to go from Horning to Hornung
>> from
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