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Subject: Re: [G-P-L] F. HENRY UCHTMANN Emigration from Germany
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 11:10:46 EST

Do you have a birthdate?


In a message dated 3/12/2011 10:22:03 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,

Hi everyone!! Since you are all so resourceful, I'm asking for suggestion
on what to do next in searching for the Ship's Manifest for my family
member, F. HENRY UCHTMANN. His naturalization papers say he immigrated from
Bremen to Baltimore and arrived on September 21, 1873. I can't find him. (I
do know that sometimes people could not remember the exact date of their
arrival when filling out immigration papers a few years later. That's why
I've searched on time spans, not that specific date.)

I have looked at the Baltimore Indexes using Soundex; the alphabetical
listings for Boston, New Orleans and Philadelphia for the appropriate time
span (approx.
mid 1800's-late 1800's). Nothing.

I have NOT been able to look at anything for New York for that time span.
My local library does not have an index for that time span.

I'm thinking now that the name has been mis-transcribed. Is that a safe
assumption, or does anyone have a suggestion for how/where else to look????
(I have seen this surname mis-read/mis-transcribed on various Census
reports and other documents as: VDETMANN; NCHTMANN; WATTMANN; NEHTMANN).

Many thanks for any help.

Kathy Payne

Researching Surnames:
MEES, SCHULTZ, JACOB- Alsace-Lorraine

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